FILMELY: The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7: Destiny Denial [2022 Review]

Mar 26, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 7: Destiny Denial [2022 Review]

In Episode 7 of The Last Kingdom Season 5, Stiorra is determined not to submit (literally kneel) to King Edward, and never gives up her will to kill Brida to avenge Sigtryggr, even though Uhtred wants Brida to start a new life of redemption.

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The whereabouts of Aethelhelm is unknown  to the Saxons, Edward is afraid that Aethelhelm will overthrow him in the capital, so he wants to come back to Winchester as soon as possible. Before leaving, he wants Stiorra as a former queen to kneel before him to show Eofowic's homage - now referred to by Edward as a "town" rather than a kingdom.

Stiorra's refusal humiliates Edward at the court, who decides to banish Stiorra and her loyalists from Eofforwic.

Aethelhelm goes to the Scottish King Constantin and proposes an alliance in his plan to overthrow King Edward so that his grandson Aelfweard would take the throne, at least in Mercia. The reward Aethelhelm promised Constantin was half the profits from Mercia lands and a marriage to Aelfwynn.

Constantin entrusts Wihtgar to receive Aethelhelm at Bebbanburg Castle.

Aethelhelm's men eventually captures Aelfwynn and brings her to Scotland, despite some resistance from Aelswith and Eadith. Aelswith even manages to kill Bresal but could stop his handsome subordinate taking Aelfwynn  away.

Brida poetically dies by Stiorra's arrow and in Uhtred's trembling arms and broken heart, closing a wavy relationship that was both soulmate and enmity through the many events of the times.

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra

Emily Cox  Brida

Eliza Butterworth  Aelswith

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred

Stefanie Martini  Eadith

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred