FILMELY🦋: Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11: A CIA Background

Apr 24, 2022

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11: A CIA Background

In Episode 11/16 “Ofelia” of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, in severe amnesia, Daniel thinks that his daughter Ofelia was still alive and being kidnapped, imprisoned on a boat; so he decides to set out to find her daughter. Worried about Daniel's condition, Luciana and Wes follow him.

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Along the way, they are captured by Arno's Stalkers. Arno thinks that Daniel's group knows the location of the armory, so he interrogates them to get the address, even gets Wes' life threatened.

In a state of high concentration, Daniel displays many of the skills of a former CIA-trained soldier, including his combat skills and the ability to plan to achieve his goals. In the end, Daniel even manages to kill Arno; however Daniel's decisions are somewhat cold-blooded and cruel.

The episode breaks up with Arno, a former follower of the mad Teddy, and who later put Alicia at the helm to lead the Stalkers. Basically, Arno is also an honest character, and he did everything just to protect his people - the Stalkers. He had the quality to become a real leader but he seemed not be confident enough to do so.

Understanding that Daniel has special powers if he is highly focused on a certain goal, such as finding his daughter; Luciana decides to lie to Daniel that Ofelia is still alive and being held captive in Victor Strand's Tower.

Colby Hollman ... Wes

Rubén Blades ... Daniel Salazar

Spenser Granese ... Arno

Rubén Blades ... Daniel Salazar

Danay García ... Luciana Galvez