FILMELY 🦋: Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: The Fading Love And The Lighting Beacon

May 17, 2022

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: The Fading Love And The Lighting Beacon

In Episode 14/16 “Divine Providence” of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Alicia brings her army to the front of the Tower and accepts Victor Strand's invite to get it inside for a “talk” without knowing that she is about to fall into his trap.

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Victor's covered plot is to buy time, wait for the night to go down, and use the roof beacon to attract the radioactive zombies to eliminate Alicia's people waiting defenselessly outside.

Alicia's illness leave her unmanageable in certain situations inside the Tower. However, upon learning of her illness, Victor changes his behavior.

Deep down, Victor is secretly in love with Alicia and tries everything to prove his ability to her, and he realizes that the time for him to amend the relation with Alicia is now running out.

Victor's change of plans which ordering to turn off the beacon on the rooftop to save Alicia's group, faces with fierce opposition from his subordinates, especially Wes. From being a close friend of Alicia, Wes has turned into someone who hates her in every way – a shift in perspective that the Season has yet to fully explain.

Old man Daniel with the combative skills of a former CIA agent has unexpected appearances that change the situation.

Everything keeps fluctuating from minutes to minutes. Victor  change his behavior backward when he realizes that no matter what he does, he cannot win Alicia's trust and love.

Alicia's army manage to get into the tower, but are within inches of the swarm of radioactive zombies, and the tower starts to burn from top down.