May 29, 2022

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16: Wonder Land of Kidnappers

In Episode 16/16 "Done" of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 7, in a new land, Morgan struggles to take care of baby Mo alone and wait for his people team to arrive. He runs into Madison Clark who is working for Padre.

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Thus, the "Sanctuary" of Padre that Alicia had been looking for is real and this seems to be an organization with some strange philosophies in the reconstruction of civilization after the zombie apocalypse. A weird world needs strange things! No surprise!

After the fire at the stadium, Madison was saved by the Padre organization, but her lungs were badly damaged and she has to regularly breathe extra oxygen since then.

Padre set a condition that Madison kidnapped the kids in exchange for them helping her find Alicia and Nick. Madison gradually was manipulated by Padre and became the number 1 child kidnapper in the line, even she started to believe  in Padre's philosophy "for the best development, children should not be raised by their parents".

Their act of kidnapping is described with a beautiful verb "rescue".

Madison is the one who took Mo from Morgan and handed her over  to Padre. Having never met Madison before, Morgan comes to recognize her by the name Alicia and Nick tattooed on Madison's arms. From enemies, they gradually become allies with the goal of taking baby Mo back. However, Morgan does not follow Madison's path of kidnapping another child in exchange for his daughter.

The development of the story has many dramas involving a group of local parents whose children were kidnapped by "rescuers" like Madison and seek revenge. However, these people soon become the undead because of confronting a sophisticated organized kidnappers who are well equipped.

Morgan makes a risky gamble by providing information about his group on the rafts, so that he can win Padre's trust and approach them to save his daughter.

Come back to us to check more when Season 8 Fear The Walking Dead starts!

Kim Dickens ... Madison Clark

Lennie James ... Morgan Jones

Kim Dickens ... Madison Clark


Lennie James ... Morgan Jones
Alycia Debnam-Carey ... Alicia Clark
Maggie Grace ... Althea "Al" Szewchot-Przygocki 
Colman Domingo ... Victor Strand
Danay García ... Luciana Galvez
Garret Dillahunt ... John Dorie
Keith Carradine ... John Dorie Sr.
Alexa Nisenson ... Charlie
Rubén Blades ... Daniel Salazar
Karen David ... Grace
Austin Amelio ... Dwight
Zoe Colletti ... Dakota
John Glover …  Theodore Maddox (Teddy)
Ashton Arbab ... Ali
Omid Abtahi ... Howard
Jenna Elfman ... June
Kim Dickens ... Madison Clark

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