Jun 4, 2022

"God of Thunder" Tries to Find His Lost T-Shirt, Desperately Maybe [Thor: Love and Thunder]

With about a month left until the release of "Thor: Love and Thunder", the male lead who plays the God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth posted some real-life images of his topless standing on a cliff, looking like scenes from the poster and some scenes of the movie.

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Chris wrote a funny caption for his post "Pictures from the search party I organized to find my lost t-shirt".

On one of the movie's posters, Thor stands atop a mountain, wearing a t-shirt with a waistcoat, the thunder ax raised.

In a scene introduced in the trailer, Thor is also standing on a cliff, taking off his jacket to show off his muscles in front of the Guardians of the Galaxy, after a hard workout in the galactic gym to get back in shape.

Unfortunately for him, most of his fans do not want him to find his t shirt back, as most comments read.

A couple days ago, a scene in the official trailer of the movie has became a meme trend on social networks: Thor was stripped naked completely and publicly by Zeus in the middle of the hall of Olympus.

Chris may need to go to Russell Crowe to get his T-shirt back.

Russell Crowe ... Zeus, the King of the Olympians

Russell Crowe ... Zeus, the King of the Olympians

Russell Crowe ... Zeus, the King of the Olympians


Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Tessa Thompson ... Valkyrie

Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster / Mighty Thor

Christian Bale ... Gorr the God Butcher

Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Jaimie Alexander ... Sif

Dave Bautista ... Drax the Destroyer

Karen Gillan ... Nebula

Sean Gunn ... Kraglin Obfonteri

Jeff Goldblum ... Grandmaster

Vin Diesel ... Groot

Waititi ... Korg

Matt Damon ... Loki (Asgardian Actor)

Sam Neill ... Odin (Asgardian Actor)

Luke Hemsworth ... Thor (Asgardian Actor)

Melissa McCarthy ... Hela Thor (Asgardian Actor)

Russell Crowe ... Zeus, the King of the Olympians

Singer Jenny Morris ...

Simon Russell Beale ...  

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