Jun 2, 2022

Seal Team's Star Leads in CBS's Newbie "Fire Country"

Max Thieriot - the actor who plays Clay Spenser on the CBS/Paramount+ series Seal Team has appeared as the male lead in a new CBS series Fire Country in its recent trailer, contrary to previous reports that he would only play the role of co-writers for this series.

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Fire Country
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Fire Country (formerly tentatively titled as Cal Fire) follows a young inmate Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot), who participates in a firefighting program for inmates in exchange for the opportunity to shorten their prison sentence.

Bode is assigned to a professional fire brigade in Northern California, and by chance this is his hometown. This is the county where wildfires are common, and where his troubles had pushed him to prison in the past.

Starring in Fire Country will certainly affect Max Thieriot's role in Season 6 of the Seal Team series, which began filming in early May 2022. So far it is not clear whether Max would join full-time for Season 6 and if so, how much the recurring performance of Clay Spenser - Max's character will be.

The final episodes of Seal Team season 5 had some cliffhangers for the character Clay Spenser: in one conversation, Clay said that he planned to join the Green Team to have more time to take care of his wife and new-born son; In the final minutes of Season 5, Bravo Team felt into a dangerous ambush and most likely several characters would suffer casualties...

Fire Country series is expected to air in the fall of 2022 (no date specified yet), Seal Team Season 6 is expected to have the first episode released around October-November 2022 as an annual.


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