Jun 29, 2022

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 15: Miracle Not Coming By Itself 📺

In Episode 15/15 of Superman & Lois Season 2 - "Waiting for Superman", Tal-Rho suddenly shows up for help and decides to fly out into the void between the two worlds to stop Ally.

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However, Tal-Rho is soon defeated by Ally who starts draining out his powers. Jordan takes a bold step of flying high to save his uncle. It was a good point of Clark to train his son on how to fly previously.

Receiving a flickering signal from John, Natalie knows that her father is still alive, so she decides to put on the armor, follows the X-Kryptonite tunnel to fly out into the void between the two worlds to save him. Natalie saves John but both are discovered by Ally and she is determined to eliminate them once for all.

When left with no other choice, Clark asks Tal-Rho to bring him  into the cubic sun in order to speed up the process of recovering his strength, while taking the risk of possible getting burnt in the process.

Luckily the recovery is successful. Superman's energy becomes so enormous that when the merged Ally deliberately absorb it, she couldn't handle the energy and is split into two of the original Ally.

Superman continues to release his energy to split the two worlds from merging, and push them back to where they were.

At the celebratory party, Clark and Lana make up, Sarah and Jordan reconnect, Lois tells Chrissy the truth that Clark is Superman, and Lana tells Kyle that their relationship won't be the same again. .

To thank Jordan for saving him, Tal-Rho gifts Jordan and Jonathan a supercar that makes the two boys very excited. Clark recreates the Fortress of Solitude in the middle of the ocean and take his family to visit. He plans to let Jonathan learn Kryptonian technologies with the help of his mother spirit.

Tal-Rho chooses to live in the Reverse World, in the guise of the previously deceased Tal-Rho Bizarro. He seems to be happy there.

Who is Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim and his Intergang?

At the end of the finale, John Diggle - Green Latern (codename Spartan, of the Argus organization) played by David Ramsey meets John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) in Smallville to ask about Bruno Mannheim. John Diggle wants to know why Bruno mysteriously  killed John Henry of the Prime Earth years ago.

It seems that Bruno Mannheim is destined to be the main villain in Season 3 of the Superman & Lois series. There must be some problems with Intergang/Bruno so John Diggle/Argus must take actions.

In the DC Comics, Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim is the ultimate and final leader of the Intergang - a large criminal organization, armed with the most advanced weapons in the universe provided by the New Gods. Intergang received Darkseid's backing because he wanted to use this organization for the purposes of finding the Anti-Life Equation on Earth.

Superman & Lois series seems to be set in a separate universe from the main Arrowverse universe, as for most of Earth's major happenings only Superman but no other superheroes are involved. The introduction of Bruno as the villain of the next season will be especially interesting.

In the DC Comics, Bruno is a crime boss in Gotham City, having faced off against Batman, Renee Montoya, Nightwing, and Batwoman. In some chapters, Bruno also appeared in Smallville and confronts Superman. Bruno is equipped with many weapons containing Kryptonite to counter Superman.

In the short term, the Intergang is confirmed to appear in the upcoming Black Adam movie, but it is still unclear whether the character Bruno will appear or not. To date, Bruno Mannheim has never appeared on the DC screen, although the character's name is occasionally mentioned; Therefore, there is no image and actor associated with this character.

Adam Rayner ... Morgan Edge / Tal-Rho / Bizarro Tal-Rho

Alex Garfin ... Jordan Kent 

Rya Kihlstedt ... Ally Allston

David Ramsey...John Diggle


Tyler Hoechlin ... Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman /  "Bizarro" Superman

Elizabeth Tulloch ... Lois Lane

Jordan Elsass ... Jonathan Kent  / Jon-El

Alex Garfin ... Jordan Kent 

Emmanuelle Chriqui ... Lana Lang Cushing

Erik Valdez...Kyle Cushing

Inde Navarrette ... Sarah Cushing

Wolé Parks ... Captain Luthor/Marcus/John Henry Irons

Adam Rayner ... Morgan Edge / Tal-Rho / Bizarro Tal-Rho

Dylan Walsh...Samuel Lane

Ben Cockell...Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho (19)

Dylan Kingwell...Clark Kent (15)

David Ramsey...John Diggle / Green Latern

Sofia Hasmik ... Chrissy Beppo, Editor of the Smallville Gazette 

Eric Keenleyside ... George Dean, The Mayor of Smallville

Kayla Heller...Tegan Wickhem

Ian Bohen ... Mitch Anderson

Tayler Buck ... Natalie Irons

Jenna Dewan ... Lucy Lane

Rya Kihlstedt ... Ally Allston

Samantha Di Francesco ... Candice Pergande