Jul 7, 2022

The Terminal List Season 1: Drugging on Seal Team and Getting Dragged

The Terminal List is an American thriller action television series starring Chris Pratt as Seal Team  Lt Commander James Reece based on the novel of the same name by Jack Carr. The show follows James' revenge journey against the oligarchs in the pharmaceutical industry and high-ranking figures in the defense and security branches who caused the deaths of his teammates and his wife and daughter.

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The Plot of The Terminal List Season 1

The Navy Seal Alpha Platoon commanded by James was ambushed while on a secret mission in Iran, called Odin's Sword operation. James is a lucky survivor, returning home to his family with conflicting memories of the event, while the conversational mission log appears to have been manipulated to place the blame on Alpha themselves for the mission failure.

As new evidence comes to light, James discovers dark forces are working against him, endangering not only his life but also the lives of his loved ones. After that, James is the target of a failed murder, but his wife and children are killed.

According to James' investigation, Nubellum - a pharmaceutical company belonging to Capstone Industries is targeting a $ 60 billion contract with the US government to develop a drug to reduce trauma for soldiers on the battlefield. With the green light of the Minister of Defense, Nubellum quietly experimented on Alpha Platoon; the experiment failed so they sought to eliminate the people involved to destroy the evidence.

James has to deal with a powerful dark force, including Capstone and corrupt elements in the defense and security apparatus such as CIA, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), SWAT, NSWC (Naval Special Warfare Command) … and the highest is the Department of Defense.

Facing the powerful dark force, James Reece has the regular help of Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) - a seasoned war correspondent of Voltstream News; and Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) - a CIA Ground Branch special agent and James' former teammate in Seal.

Will The Terminal List have Season 2?

The Terminal List was broadcast on Amazon Prime platform from July 1, 2022 and became the most watched movie during the US Independence Day weekend (July 4). The series has generally received positive reviews from audiences with 94% approval on Rotten Tomatoes (vs that of critics 38%), an IMDb score of 8.2/10.

The showrunner David DiGilio hasn't officially confirmed a second installment, but he said novelist Jack Carr has an incredible writing speed and his set of books is a fertile topic and script for further work. Most likely Season 2 of The Terminal List will be based on Jack's True Believer, which was published in 2019.

Chris Pratt ... Lt. Commander James Reece

Jeanne Tripplehorn ... Lorraine Hartley, Secretary of Defense

Constance Wu ... Katie Buranek

Taylor Kitsch ... Ben Edwards


Chris Pratt ... Lt. Commander James Reece
Taylor Kitsch ... Ben Edwards
Constance Wu ... Katie Buranek
Riley Keough ... Lauren Reece, James Reece's wife
Arlo Mertz ... Lucy Reece, James Reece's daughter
Jeanne Tripplehorn ... Lorraine Hartley, Secretary of Defense
Nick Chinlund ... Rear Admiral Gerald Pillar, Commander of WARCOM
Matthew Rauch ... Captain Leonard Howard, Judge Advocate General of WARCOM
LaMonica Garrett ... Commander Bill Cox, Commander of SEAL Team 7
Patrick Schwarzenegger ... Donald "Donny" Mitchell, Alpha Platoon
Jared Shaw ... Ernest "Boozer" Vickers, Alpha Platoon
Tyner Rushing ... Liz Riley
Arturo Castro ... Jordan Groff
Renata Friedman ... Anne Howard
Jai Courtney ... Steve Horn, President of Capstone Industries
Paul McCrane ... Mike Tedesco, CEO of Nubellum
Stephen Bishop ... Richard Fontana
J. D. Pardo ... Tony Layun
Christina Vidal ... Mac Wilson
Drew Starkey ... Junior Alba
Alexis Louder ... Nicole Deptul
Hiram A. Murray ... Jackson
Warren Kole ... NCIS Special Agent Josh Holder
Justin Garza ... Victor Ramirez
Tom Amandes ... Vic Campbell
Catherine Dyer ... Rachel Campbell
Sean Gunn ... Saul Agnon
Carsten Norgaard ... Elias Ryberg
Geoff Pierson ... Senator Joe Pryor
Marco Rodrรญguez ... Marco Del Toro
Patricia de Leon ... Paola Del Toro
Nate Boyer ... Luke Malick
Remi Adeleke ... Terrell "Tee" Daniels
Derek Phillips ... Stephen Ramsay
Butch Klein ... Marcus Boykin
Jack Carr ... Adrian Gordonis (cameo)

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