Sep 2, 2022

The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 1: Galadriel Obsessed by the Shadow of Sauron

In Episode 1 Season 1 of The Rings of Power - "A Shadow of the Past", centuries pass after the Elves left Valinor to go to Middle-earth to defeat Morgoth's forces, Gil-galad the King of the Elves and most people come to believe that Morgoth's loyal servant Sauron should be seen as a memory, and that the world now is truly at peace.

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However, with her hunch, talented Commander Galadriel believes that the remnants of Morgoth are still there and they are just hiding to gather forces to wait for the day to counterattack.

King Gil-galad decide to reward the heroes after the war, including Galadriel, allowing them to live eternally and happily in the Far West - the Undying Land of Valinor. In fact, this is a way Gil-galad and Elrond discussed with each other to stop Galadriel's efforts from continuing to track down the remnants of Sauron.

However, as the ship is about to enter the Undying Land, Galadriel decides to jump off to stay in Middle-earth.

At the outpost in the Southlands, the Silvan Elf Arondir falls in love with a mortal woman who is a single mother and a healer, Bronwyn. At this time love between the Elves and Humans are forbidden (similar to the love between Aragorn and Arwen). 

The village where they are living in now show signs of giant monsters.

Robert Aramayo ... Elrond

Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel

Nazanin Boniadi ... Bronwyn

Ismael Cruz C籀rdova ... Arondir

Benjamin Walker ... Gil-galad


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Cynthia Addai-Robinson ... M穩riel
Robert Aramayo ... Elrond
Owain Arthur ... Durin IV
Maxim Baldry ... Isildur
Nazanin Boniadi ... Bronwyn
Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel
Charles Edwards ... Celebrimbor
Trystan Gravelle ... Pharaz繫n
Lenny Henry ... Sadoc Burrows
Ema Horvath ... E瓣rien
Markella Kavenagh ... Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot
Simon Merrells ... Trevyn
Tyroe Muhafidin ... Theo
Peter Mullan ... Durin III
Sophia Nomvete ... Disa
Lloyd Owen ... Elendil
Megan Richards ... Poppy Proudfellow
Dylan Smith ... Largo Brandyfoot: Nori's father
Charlie Vickers ... Halbrand
Leon Wadham ... Kemen: Pharaz繫n's son
Benjamin Walker ... Gil-galad
Daniel Weyman ... Stranger
Sara Zwangobani ... Marigold Brandyfoot