FILMELY: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 3: Secrects Revealed in N繳menor

Sep 9, 2022

The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 3: Secrects Revealed in N繳menor

In Episode 3 Season 1 of The Rings of Power - "Adar", Galadriel and Halbrand are rescued by N繳menorean Captain Elendil and brought to the island nation of N繳menor, where they meet the Queen Regent M穩riel.

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The N繳menoreans once allied with the Elves in the war against Morgoth, and after the victory they were rewarded by the Elves, who help building the island into a rich, luxurious, and splendid Kingdom.

However, for some mysterious reason, some time later the N繳menoreans broke ties with the Elves; Anti-Elves sentiment has became popular, even the last king of N繳menor, Elros (Elrond's half-Elven brother) because of his support to the Elves was forced to abdicate and imprisoned in his own tower.

Elendil takes Galadriel to the Hall of Lore built by Elros, and there Galadriel discovers clues to a great plot of Sauron with the starting point of the Southlands.

Also from documents in the Hall of Lore, Galadriel discovers that Halbrand is actually a descendant and the sole heir of the king of the peoples in the South. In the past, the Southerners sided with Morgoth against the N繳menor-Elves alliance. This may be the reason why Halbrand refused and concealed his identity, and decided to leave the Southlands.

In the Southlands, Arondir and many of the Elves guarding the outpost are enslaved by monsters to do some construction work for them. They stage a counterattack to escape but most are killed; Arondir is possibly the only one of them to survive and is brought by the monsters to their leader, Adar.

Charlie Vickers ... Halbrand

Lloyd Owen ... Elendil

Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel


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Robert Aramayo ... Elrond
Owain Arthur ... Durin IV
Maxim Baldry ... Isildur
Nazanin Boniadi ... Bronwyn
Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel
Charles Edwards ... Celebrimbor
Trystan Gravelle ... Pharaz繫n
Lenny Henry ... Sadoc Burrows
Ema Horvath ... E瓣rien
Markella Kavenagh ... Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot
Simon Merrells ... Trevyn
Tyroe Muhafidin ... Theo
Peter Mullan ... Durin III
Sophia Nomvete ... Disa
Lloyd Owen ... Elendil
Megan Richards ... Poppy Proudfellow
Dylan Smith ... Largo Brandyfoot: Nori's father
Charlie Vickers ... Halbrand
Leon Wadham ... Kemen: Pharaz繫n's son
Benjamin Walker ... Gil-galad
Daniel Weyman ... Stranger
Sara Zwangobani ... Marigold Brandyfoot