FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 6 Episode 6: The Sad Green Dream 🎥720

Oct 24, 2022

Seal Team Season 6 Episode 6: The Sad Green Dream 🎥720

In Episode 6, Season 6 of CBS's Seal Team series – “Watch You”, Clay Spenser struggles to adjust to his new physical condition, new job, and new life. He takes drugs, succumbed to over-reactions, violence and instability.

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In the previous episode, Clay got angry and shouted when another instructor checked the Green Team's gears before they parachuted. Clay's anger was unreasonable because the protocol says the check shall be performed by 2 inspectors.

Clay's impulsive behavior causes his superiors to ask him to take time off.

Stella tries to arrange for the best care for her family, such as hiring a maid; however Clay always has the guilt that he is useless and pitiful and starts to quarrel with her. Stella carried the child to her parents'; Clay gets bored and starts move to  live at Sonny's house.

Sonny invites Clay to the cabin house Full Metal left in the woods to comfort him in a hunting adventure maybe. Hearing the news, Jason brings the entire Bravo team (except Omar) to come. Thinking they could comfort the former team's No. 1 sniper, they are thrust into one troubles after another.

Word of Jason's losing Yasiri reached the Command and the entire Bravo team believe that Omar was the trickster. 

Meanwhile, Davis delves deeper into agent Jacques Tandina who provided intelligence on the West African mission at the end of season 5, during which Bravo was ambushed and Clay was severely wounded and then had his leg amputated. Currently, the CIA continues to use Jacques to provide information to Charlie Team.


David Boreanaz ... Jason Hayes a.k.a Bravo 1/1B 
Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser a.k.a Bravo 6/6B / Green Team Instructor
Jessica Paré ... Amanda Ellis
Neil Brown Jr ... Raymond "Ray" Perry a.k.a Bravo 2 / 2B
A. J. Buckley ... Sonny Quinn a.k.a Bravo 3 / 3B
Tyler Grey ... Trent
Toni Trucks ... Lisa Davis
Judd Lormand ... Eric Blackburn
Justin Melnick ... Brock
Parisa Fakhri ... Naima Perry
Alona Tal ... Stella
Kim Hawthorne ... Admiral Stevens
Tyler Jacob Moore ... Major Gerretsen