FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 6 Episode 5: More Than Local Militas 🎥720

Oct 24, 2022

Seal Team Season 6 Episode 5: More Than Local Militas 🎥720

In Episode 5 Season 6 of Seal Team – “Thunder Struck”, based on the list of IPs obtained from al-Sham's command camp, Bravo traces and photograph the phone users, then send the data back to the US for processing.

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From portraits of the characters and their living and operational patterns, Davis' team identify al-Sham's leader as Jamar Yasiri. He now becomes the main target (HVT - High Value Target) of this campaign.

Jason tries to convince Nouri – the Commander of the female militant group YPJ to assist Bravo in the attack on al-Sham's base to capture Yasiri.

What Bravo did not expect is that the al-Sham group has armed UAVs worth even hundreds of millions of dollars that are used to track down Bravo. Nouri bravely sacrifices herself to protect her female teammates and Bravo mates also, but it's not really necessary.

Davis comes to the point that al-Sham is just a proxy for a very big force behind, even state level.

The Al Jazeera news agency, which specializes in the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, runs fake news that the drone attack was caused by Americans, which hit a building with 10 children inside, according to Syrian government's sources.

This fake news prompts the Command to quickly order Bravo home.


David Boreanaz ... Jason Hayes a.k.a Bravo 1/1B 
Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser a.k.a Bravo 6/6B / Green Team Instructor
Jessica Paré ... Amanda Ellis
Neil Brown Jr ... Raymond "Ray" Perry a.k.a Bravo 2 / 2B
A. J. Buckley ... Sonny Quinn a.k.a Bravo 3 / 3B
Tyler Grey ... Trent
Toni Trucks ... Lisa Davis
Judd Lormand ... Eric Blackburn
Justin Melnick ... Brock
Parisa Fakhri ... Naima Perry
Alona Tal ... Stella
Kim Hawthorne ... Admiral Stevens
Tyler Jacob Moore ... Major Gerretsen