FILMELY : The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 18: A Deadly Founders' Anniversary [Review]

Oct 2, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 18: A Deadly Founders' Anniversary [Review]

In Episode 18 "A New Deal" of The Walking Dead Season 11, Pamela brings in troops just as Daryl overpowers Lance with a dagger on his throat and just wants to kill him; however, Carol tells Daryl she wants Lance alive to make the deal with Pamela.

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Being called as an angry and delusional little boy, Lance is taken back to the Commonwealth and detained. After being cleansed of his sins, Sebestian returns to his old bossy self; Pamela wants to orients him to continue her family's political career, becoming the future governor of the Commonwealth.

Worried that the people of the Commonwealth would suffer from such a bad leader like Sebestian, Max seeks to disrupt it by recording his slurs about "rich and poor" and giving the record to Eugene to play on loudspeaker at the Commonwealth's Founders' anniversary.

Lance's loyal agents kill stage workers for the event; turn them into zombies, causing chaos, right after Sebestian's disparaging statements are broadcast at the crowd's shock.

Sebestian is attacked by a zombie and the mob just leaves him to be killed.

Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier

    Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon

        ON TREND

        Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon

        Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier
          Carrie Genzel ... Clark, 
          Matthew Cornwell ... Evans, 

        Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw
        Josh Hamilton ... Lance Hornsby
        Margot Bingham ... Max/Stephanie Vega
        Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton
        Chelle Ramos as Fake "Stephanie"
        ... Tyler Davis
        Okea Eme-Akwari ... Elijah
        Jason Butler Harner ... Calson
        Teo Rapp-Olsson ... Sebastian Milton
        Medina Senghore ... Annie