Feb 1, 2023

Teen Wolf The Movie 2023: Tyler Hoechlin's Derek Coming Back For Last🎥

Set 15 years after the events of MTV'sTeen Wolf series (2011-2017), Teen Wolf: The Movie introduces werewolf characters now in their adulthood, with different careers and separate lives but the same caring for each others. However, with the mighty Nogitsune's return, the werewolves must get together again to protect the ones they love.

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Nogitsune uses magic to cause Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and Chris Argent (JR Bourne) to frequently see a vision of a ghostly Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) in distress; thus make them theorize that her soul was trapped in the bardo and could not be reincarnated until they perform a ritual. 

Three of them return to Beacon Hills during a full moon, bringing some soil from the ground where Allison died in Oak Creek, and the Oni's sword that killed her to perform a soul release ritual. However, this revives  Allison in a state of unconsciousness and no memory.

Nogitsune (Aaron Hendry) psychologically manipulates Allison into believing that Scott and the werewolves were her family's enemies and need to be killed. Allison starts to hunt down each of them, including Scott who is ready to risk his life to bring back her memories.

Nogitsune also kills a kitsune police officer and harness his energy to create nine Oni.

The Oni in turn capture the members of the pack into a bardo that Nogitsune created underneath a stadium. Nogitsune's goal is to force them to witness their Alpha - Scott's death as revenge.

As a weak member of the pack, Derek becomes the first target of Allison's hunt, and his son Eli Hale (Vince Mattis) also suffers the same fate. The process of running away and fighting against Allison/Nogitsune helps Eli gradually learn how to transform and is promised to become a mighty new and young member of the pack (if we had next Teen Wolf movie to go). 

Parental Derek accepts sacrifice to control the undefeatable Nogitsune for Parrish burns them both, with Derek's eyes turning red in the final moments, becoming a true Alpha through self-sacrifice. .

Teen Wolf: The Movie 2023 bring back most of the familiar faces of the TV series of the same name, creating excitement for fans. The fast pace of the movie with too many events easily brings about a feeling of overload, and some characters are just the to show their faces without meaning role in the storyline.

 Perhaps it would make more sense if the script is made into a mini series of about 3-6 episodes instead of stuffing everything in a movie.

Returning Cast

Tyler Posey ... Scott McCall
Tyler Hoechlin ... Derek Hale
Holland Roden ... Lydia Martin
Shelley Hennig ... Malia Tate
Dylan Sprayberry ... Liam Dunbar
Melissa Ponzio ... Melissa McCall
Linden Ashby ... Stilinski
JR Bourne ... Chris Argent
Ian Bohen ... Peter Hale
Crystal Reed ... Allison Argent
Orny Adams ... Bobby Finstock
Seth Gilliam ... Alan Deaton
Ryan Kelley ... Jordan Parrish
Colton Haynes ... Jackson Whittemore
Khylin Rhambo ... Mason Hewitt

New Cast

Vince Mattis ... Eli Hale (con trai 15 tuổi của Derek Hale)
Nobi Nakanishi ... Vice Ishida
Amy Lin Workman ... Hikari Zhang

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