Jul 6, 2020

The Witcher - Henry Cavill - Season 1 Episode 6 - Rare Species

In the "Rare Species", Geralt is recruited by an unknown old man to join a dragon hunting squad in the mountains of King Niedamir. According to the recruiter, the Green Dragon was once attacked by locals in search of treasure, being injured, it breathed flames to devastate villages, making the King want it killed.

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The Witcher initially hesitates, however, when Yen suddenly appears in the bar where they are staying, apprarently she is in another hunting team, Geralt suddenly agrees to join. The journey to the dragon cave is an opportunity for Geralt and Yen to resume their heat and romance in bed after the events related to Djinn.


When they reach the dragon cave, Geralt comes to know the truth that the targeted Green Dragon has died already, and a dragon egg is lying besides awaiting to hatch. The man who recruited Geralt is actually transformed by a male Gold Dragon - a rare species that people thought they are only in legends. The Gold Dragon devised such a plan for Geralt and Yen to come to the dragon cave to help him fight off other hunters to protect the egg.

Mission accomplished, and in a conversation before breaking up with the Gold Dragon, Geralt confesses to Yen that he had made a wish with Genie Djinn for the two of them being stick together. Yen gets angry because she thinks that the love between them was only created by magic, not something genuine or real. Geralt and Yen make hot debates  and then break up.


Meanwhile, Nilfgaard's transfigured sorceress in the form of Queen Calanthe's servant comes to the magical forest to trick Ciri back. The accompanying boy helps Ciri discover the true identity of this witch and find a way to escape from him.

However, Ciri is then captured by Cahir. The morphing witch overhears Cahir's conversation with Ciri about the prophecy and the White Flame and thinks that Cahir is pursuing crazy and betrayal ambition, so he attacks Cahir, creating the chance for Ciri to once again escape.