FILMELY : Lucifer Show Season 5 Episode 1 - Truly Sad Devil Guy

Aug 23, 2020

Lucifer Show Season 5 Episode 1 - Truly Sad Devil Guy

In the Episode 1, the soul of a man assassinated in a case investigated by Detector Chloe is brought into hell loop to be passed to Lucifer for "torture". Both Lucifer and Chloe in 2 different worlds try to find the killer and this make them re-connect somehow.


@ Chloe kisses Michael because she mistakenly thinks he is Lucifer.

During the course of the case, Chloe is in danger by a group of killers and the situation is reported by demons to Lucifer as king of hell, however he decides not to return to earth for help because he thinks that Chloe can handle it on her own. Lucifer's twin brother Michael takes the opportunity to impersonate Lucifer to approach Chloe.

In other developments, since the birth of the child, the couples Linda Martin and Amenadial become over-active and outrageous in caring for the child. Linda is dedicated to teaching the child all the skills and knowledge while the baby is only two months old. Amenadial meanwhile over deals with a minor drug sale in the Lux bar which he has taken over since Lucifer left, on the reason of "making a safer world for the child".

Mazikeen is heartbroken over Eva's departure and tries to forget about it by getting flirtatious with Chloe, to find herself even more desperate. Ella Lopez find some fun with a handsome guy who is a casino owner. Dan became an "extremely narcissistic" guy who do everything to make himself happy.