FILMELY : The Mandalorian - Star Wars - Chapter 16: Jedi Luke Skywalker and the rescue

Dec 18, 2020

The Mandalorian - Star Wars - Chapter 16: Jedi Luke Skywalker and the rescue

In Chapter 16 "The Rescue" of 'The Mandalorian', Mando and his allies attack Moff Gideon's light cruiser to save Grogu, and they are pushed in a great danger when being faced by a platoon of Dark Troopers.


@ The Young Luke Skywalker. Link to watch the episode online is near the end of this article.

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In order to assemble enough manpower for the boarding attack, Mando's team seeks to kidnap Dr. Pershing - the scientist working at Moff's biology lab to get information about his base and how to break into it.

Mando also seeks Princess Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) to ask for her assistance and is agreed on the condition that Bo-Katan will possess Moff Gideon's ship and his Darksaber after defeating him.

During the battle, Mando goes through two hard times against the Dark Troopers, and followed by a dramatic duel with Moff Gideon, who is empowered by the Darksaber.

Mando with the equivalent weapon, the beskar staff, defeats Moff and comes to deliver the powerful weapon to Bo-Katan but eventually learns the truth: the Darksaber can not be simply handed over, instead - Bo-Katan would have to to defeat Mando in battle to get it. It will just work in that way. The sword has an important meaning: whoever owns it, he or she will sit on the throne of the Mandalorian world.

At this time, the Dark Troopers platoon, which had been tricked by Mando to be pushed out of the cruiser into space at the beginning, now return to the ship and attack the cockpit. It looks like Mando's team as a whole won't be able to hold it.

At that moment, Jedi Luke Skywalker suddenly appears and rescues them, and welcomes Baby Yoda Grogu as  his student. Perhaps the powerful Jedi had heard of Grogu's wishes on the sacred temple ruins on the planet Tython.

Grogu touches Mando's beskar helmet as if he wanted to see his face before parting. He takes off his helmet for the boy to see his face and watches with tears as Jedi Luke carries him away.