FILMELY : WandaVision Episode 8 - Scarlet Witch is now officially named and 2nd Vision comes online

Feb 27, 2021

WandaVision Episode 8 - Scarlet Witch is now officially named and 2nd Vision comes online

In Episode 8 of WandaVision - The Avengers, the sorcerer Agatha Harkness uses her enchantments to suppress Wanda's magic power inside the basement and takes advantages of Tommy and Billy as hostages to force Wanda to gradually reveal the process of her possession of magic power and creating Westview .

WandaVision Episode 8 - Scarlet Witch is now officially named and 2nd Vision comes online

Wanda's Chaos Magic to create Westview and Vision.
You can watch the episode on Disney or refer to the movie link near the end of the article.


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The episode begins with the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts in 1693, when the young Agatha is escorted by a group of witches to be tied to a pillar for execution. Agatha is found guilty of betrayal to her coven for stealing knowledge and practicing "the darkest of magic". Agatha argues that she "knows nothing of these crimes", for  "they simply bent to her power" and asked for forgiveness.

The Master Witch - whom Agatha called Mother - remains firm with the conviction and orders the execution. The witches begin to cast magic on Agatha to kill her, but in the end they all are drained of their vitality and life energy by Agatha, and turned into dry corpses, even the Master Witch faces the same fate.


After Episode 7, we know that Pietro is fake but not sure how he is faked. In the words of Agatha, Pietro is actually just an illusion created by Agatha to easily approach Wanda and learn how Wanda created Westview in Episode 6. Pietro is simply created by the magic of Agatha, and it is illustrated by how Agatha grants soul to an insect then turns it into a bird, then a rabbit.

Perhaps Pietro's "eyes and ears" did not help Agatha exploit the necessary information from Wanda, so Agatha finally decided to force Wanda to recall each milestone of her life so that Agatha could determine where Wanda's power came from and how she created Westview.


As such, Vision in the Westview world was created purely by Wanda's magic from nothing, not from a robotic corpse that Wanda robbed and cast magic on it to bring it to life as said by SWORD Director.

The Vision robot corpse, or more accurately the robot equipment,  remains at SWORD heaquarter, and as Director Tyler said, they have been taking it apart and reassembling millions of times but still fails to activate its function.

The energy from the Hexagon seems to bring Vision to life again - now in a white form. Maybe SWORD wants to revive the White Vision into a multi-billion dollar war machine that is just following orders and commands, instead of an emotional and conscientious Vision.

We may wonder what the revived real Vision would be like without the Soul Stone and what the relationship between WANDA - VIRTUAL VISION (RED) - REAL VISION (WHITE) would be.


At the end of the episode, Agatha affirms Wanda's magic is CHAOS MAGIC - it is the most powerful magic in the universe capable of manipulating, transforming, and recreating the structure of things. and the reality. 

And for the first time in the Wandavision series or even in the MCU, Wanda is officially called the Witch Scarlet.