FILMELY🦋: Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 7: Darkling - the Unsea Creator 🎥720

Jul 31, 2021

Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 7: Darkling - the Unsea Creator 🎥720

Episode 7 of “Shadow and Bone” - The Unsea recalls the story of Kirigan (then called Darkling) accidentally creating the Shadow Fold with regeneration magic hundreds of years ago. Kirigan successfully uses the Tags's antlers to bind and control Alina's light summoning power.

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At that time, in fear of Kirigan's treason, the King sent troops to capture Kirigan and kill his lover, the Healer Luda, despite Kirigan's pleas. Enraged, Kirigan wielded the scythe of darkness and wiped out the King's army.

Knowing that the King would still send more troops to find him, Kirigan decided to read the ancient books of Morozova to find a spell to create his own army to fight. Morozova is Kirigan's grandfather (Bagrah's father), who created 3 creatures capable of amplifying Grisha's power: the Tag, the Firebird and the Ice Dragon (Rusalye or Sea Whip).

Kirigan's intentions were thwarted by his mother Bagrah, who believed that they should only use Small Science instead of Magic, and that the use of merzost would bring about unintended consequences.

When the King's army arrived, Kirigan used spells and regeneration magic to transform the army into creatures under his command. However, the dark energy in Kirigan broke out and turned a large area into the Shadow Fold, also known as Unsea, dividing the Ravka Kingdom into East and West regions.


Back in the present time, Alina and Mal finally reach the Tag's location, but just as they find it, Kirigan and his Grishas also appear. Kirigan wants to kill the Tag to amplify his power, while Alina wanted to protect it.

Because Mal is mortally wounded in the fight, Kirigan uses Mal to force Alina to give up the Tag, and kill it with his own hands. Kirigan then orders David to press the antlers of Tag against Alina's sternum and use magic to bind it to a mark on Kirigan's hand. From here, Kirigan can control Alina's light summoning power.


Kaz Brekker later admits to Inej that Alina's light summoning powers are real and not an illusion, and he seems to now forgive for Inej's previous actions of letting Alina go. They try to return to Western Ravka by posing as entourage escorting diplomatic delegations from other countries who visit Ravka for the light summoning performance.

Mal also manages to escape from the barracks. Kirigan forces Alina to go on a ship carrying emissaries leaving Eastern Ravkan through the Shadow Fold.

It looks like all of our main characters will be on this ship.