Oct 13, 2021

SWAT Season 5 Episode 2: The Trap at Dawn

In the episode "Madrugada" (At Dawn) of S.W.A.T. Season 5, the confrontation between Hondo and Arthur Novak in Mexico is increasingly tense; while in the US, SWAT 20 Squad is facing the risk of being disbanded and transferred because there is no longer a leader in charge.

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Hondo convinces police officer Charro to quietly join him in investigating Delfina's father's death. Delfina's ex-boyfriend confesses that AJ Novak was the one who killed him and tells  Hondo where to find the killing weapon that AJ buried, a hammer.

With the evidence found, Charro and Hondo try to convince the Town Sheriff to reopen the investigation of Novak's father and son, but to no avail. They must find a way to free Delfina from Novak's compound.

In the ensuing events, Hondo shoots and kills AJ as he attempts to murder Delfina upon her escape. Angered by his son's death, Arthur Novak hires 6 assassins and plots revenge against Hondo at the handover of Delfina at dawn.

The SWAT 20 Squad is now full again after Luca and Chris complete their TLI mission in Germany and return; Street also gradually recovers from the surgery. However, they still lack a team leader - a position which many candidates refused to accept . When the team is about to receive the new assignments of transfer, Hondo just shows up.