FILMELY 🦋: The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8: Fire and Storm 🎥720

Jan 7, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8: Fire and Storm 🎥720

In episode "For Blood" of The Walking Dead Season 11, directed by Sharat Raju, written by Erik Mountain, Negan and Meggie and the zombie army move deep into the Reaper's building; Leah has decided to go bold and reckless for the sake of those she considers her blood.

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Before that, Pope sent Wells alone to scout, essentially using him as a bait against Meggie. Wells is killed and the conflict between Pope and Leah begins to escalate.

Coming from the military industry, the Reapers equips a lot of heavy weapons at their base, including a dense minefield located in the outer ring. Maggie's group has to struggle to navigate through this deadly area.

Maggie steals a vehicle to launch it unmanned, breaking through the fence of the base to let the zombies in. Pope makes the decision to fire the artillery from the top floor to the base yard to kill them all, even though some of the Reapers are still there. This behavior of Pope makes Leah realize that he has changed and no longer cares about the lives of the people in the group. 

She and Daryl kill him.

Daryl tries to convince Leah to leave and join the Alexandrian community; however Leah chooses to protect those she considers her family. That means she has to kill her "enemy".

In Alexandria, a big storm damages the settlement's lax fence, allowing the undead to flood in. The main house of the community is also badly damaged and their situation is very dire if no rescue nor a miracle happened.