FILMELY 🦋: The Witcher Season 2 Episode 7: The Rescue outside Cintra - All Dark Schemes Uncovered 🎥720

Dec 19, 2021

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 7: The Rescue outside Cintra - All Dark Schemes Uncovered 🎥720

In Episode 7 of The Witcher Season 2 - "Voleth Meir", Geralt goes to Cintra to find Ciri and plan for a fight against the monster Deathless Mother.

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Yennefer cheats Ciri to the shadow back door outside Cintra

The portal takes Yennefer and Ciri to the home of the woman who took Ciri in during the escape, but they discover that she and her son had been killed by fire attack of Rience.

Yennefer makes Ciri believe that Geralt is in Cintra and this spurs Ciri to resolve to go to Cintra to confront the Nilfgaardians.

Along the way, Yennefer instructs Ciri to use spells to recreate a bridge. Failing, Ciri screams and her scream changes the entire view of the river. Oops, no bridge is needed then.

Ciri accidentally reads Yennefer's mind and discovers her plan, and as usually screams. The sound alarms the soldiers on the Cintra walls.

Geralt finds allies

After learning of the existence of the Deathless Mother and Yen's intentions, Geralt plans to go to Cintra to bring Ciri back, and prepares for a fight with the Deathless Mother.

Geralt frees Jaskier from prison, then runs into Yarpen Zigrin and the dwarves he met at the Golden Dragon's cave in the previous Season. He recruits them into the squad and buys a black horse to replace the Roach that had been killed earlier.

Geralt encounters Ciri and Yen outside the city, and they quickly overwhelm the Nilfgaardian soldiers trying to capture Ciri. Geralt asks his friends to bring Ciri back to the  fortress, and he asks Yen to take him to the Deathless Mother's hut, just to discover that she has escaped.

Fringilla killed the generals

Francesca's newborn baby changes the focus of the Elves: they renounce their promise to fight for Nilfgaard, which worries Fringilla and Cahir when Emperor Emhyr var Emreis is about to head to Cintra himself.

Unsure of her future, Fringilla goes to Aretuza to meet her uncle the Mage Artorius Vigo (Terence Maynard) to ask for help in returning to Aretuza, but is refused. Desperate, Fringilla casts immobilization on the Nilfgaardian generals during a feast and kills them one by one, leaving only Cahir.

However, Francesca's newborn baby is assassinated during the night. Enduring enough pain, the Deathless Mother, revealed to be the demon Voleth Meir, escapes from the hut prison and possesses Ciri on her way back to Kaer.