Feb 24, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10: Social Class Divide 🎥720

In the "New Haunts" episode of The Walking Dead Season 11, most of Alexandria survivors (except Maggie's team) join the Commonwealth, where they work different jobs for a living and try to get along in the new community. However, each has to grapple with their own challenges.

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Daryl and Rosita Espinosa chose the military career to become Troopers and have to go through the "training" and challenges posed by Mercer (General of the Commonwealth Military) and Sebastian Milton (son of the Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton).

The main development of the episode revolves around a lavish Halloween party, in which only the elite members of society are invited to attend. This fact shows that Commonwealth society is clearly hierarchical: the Alexandrians used to live as equals, but here they are clearly divided according to their job, some become the servants to the others.

At the party, Tyler Davis - a former trooper suddenly infiltrates the service department and uses a knife to control Pamela's assistant. His sole purpose is to express his resentment and despair to Pamela. Tyler Davis appeared in Season 10 Episode 20 of the series, at the time as a trooper who fell into the trap of the Princess. After that incident, he lost his job and was stripped of all rights, his life became miserable since then.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel's health condition is getting worse, but he still has to wait a long time on the list to be operated on. Carol tries to please Lance Hornsby (Deputy Governor) so that Ezekiel can get surgery sooner.

To do this, she ventures beyond the wall, goes to an old winery to retrieve bottles of fine wine to give to Lance, serving the Halloween party in a way that pleased Pamela.

... Tyler Davis

Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier

Khary Payton ... Ezekiel

Michael James Shaw ... Mercer

Cailey Fleming ... Judith Grimes

Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa, Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon

Paola Lázaro ... Juanita "Princess" Sanchez

Lauren Ridloff ... Connie

Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton

... Tyler Davis

Josh Hamilton ... Lance Hornsby, Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton

Nadia Hilker ... Magna

Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa

Cailey Fleming ... Judith Grimes, Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon