FILMELY : The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3: Let the Fate in the Hands of Gods [2022 Review]

Mar 14, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3: Let the Fate in the Hands of Gods [2022 Review]

In Episode 3 of The Last Kingdom Seson 5, Sigtryggr, Uhtred and his comrades sneak into Eoforwic through the sewers and surprise Brida's army while she and Stiorra are dueling.

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The Uhtred team push back the enemies and reoccupy Eoforwic, but Brada escapes, partly due to Uhtred's reluctance when witnessing Brida's daughter's death.

Sigtryggr has most of the traitors beheaded, but hesitates as to how to deal with his brother Rognvaldr. Ultimately, at Stiorra's suggestion, Rognvaldr's fate will be decided by God: he will have to hold a hot iron in his hand and take 9 steps of walk to live.

Aethelflaed's condition worsens, partly because the Queen Mother does not believe in medicine or portions, but only in prayer and miracles from God. Aethelflaed is planning to have her daughter Aelfwynn chosen as her successor; however Aelfwynn seems only interested in love affairs and the beauty of young man.

In Winchester, King Edward falls in love with Lady Eadgifu and grows increasingly estranged from his wife Aelflaed. Aethelhelm uses silver and gold to bribe the Witan Ealdormen of Mercia to get his grandson to be chosen as Mercia's new king, instead of Princess Aelfwynn.

Timothy Innes  Edward

Timothy Innes  Edward

Millie Brady  Lady Aethelflaed

Timothy Innes  Edward

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra

Emily Cox  Brida

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred