Mar 14, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 4: Conspiracy and Anti-Conspiracy [2022 Review]

In Episode 4/10 of The Last Kingdom Season 5, learning of Aethelhelm's plot to bribe the Ealdormen of Mercia, King Edward decides to take a bloody hand in order to prevent future power struggles.

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Before her death, Aethelflaed trusted and entrusted the Witan Ealdormen to arrange for her daughter's succession; she was completely unaware that most of them had been bought off by Aethelhelm's money.

When the Ealdormen are on their way to the Witan Conference to choose a successor to the throne, they are slain by Edward's soilders.

Edward decides to crown himself king of Mercia, becoming the first king of both the Anglo and Saxons (Anglo are the ones living in regions such as Mercia, Northumbria, East Anglia). Queen Mother Aelswith, concerned for the safety of her granddaughter Aelfwynn, takes the young lady soon away from Merica.

Brida captures Pyrlig and tortures him. Suffering from the death of her daughter, Brida becomes mad, causing the soldiers who are still following her after the defeat to flee. But in the end, Pyrlig's kind heart and Christian thoughts helps comfort Brida.

In Northumbria, Rognvaldr tackles the 9-step challenge with a hot bar in his hand, followed by 3 days of being alone outdoor waiting for the burn on his hands to heal.

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred

Millie Brady  Lady Aethelflaed

Emily Cox  Brida

Cavan Clerkin  Father Pyrlig

Eliza Butterworth  Aelswith

Harry Gilby ... Aethelstan

Eysteinn Sigur簸arson  Sigtryggr

Micki Stoltt ... Rognvaldr 

Millie Brady  Lady Aethelflaed