FILMELY : The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5: Master of War Triggering [2022 Review]

Mar 18, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5: Master of War Triggering [2022 Review]

In Episode 5/10 of The Last Kingdom Season 5, the Aethelhelm sends soilders to assassinate the Visionary Pilgrims on their way to Lindisfarne to have Sigtryggr blamed on.

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Aethelhelm's goal was to incite war between the Christians and the Danes; in hopes of either Edward ideally dying in battle or capturing a piece of northern land. Either case would be in favor of Aethelhelm's grandson Aelfweard.

What Aethelhelm did not expect is that  his daughter - Queen Aelflaed also joined the pilgrims in secret and was killed and hung on  trees.

To provoke the Danes, Aethelhelm also sends men to the Rumcofa outpost and massacre all the Danes living there. At this time, Uhtred is on a journey to investigate the Queen's death, so he is not present at Rumcofa. Osferth - Uhtred's longtime comrade, dies while trying to protect the innocent Danes.

Aelswith devises a new plan to protect her grand-daughter Aelfwynn. She intends for Aelfwynn to marry a "nobody" young man, as a way to renounce Aelfwynn's royal status; since then she would cease to be the subject of a power struggle at Mercia.

Prince Aethelstan is appointed by Edward to command Mercia's guards.

Both King Edward and Sigtryggr begin to prepare for battle between the two sides. King Edward wants to take the head of Stiorra - wife of Sigtryggr and daughter of Uhtred to avenge his dead wife.

Amelia Clarkson  Aelflaed

Finn Elliot  Young Uhtred

Mark Rowley  Finan, Ewan Mitchell  Osferth

Emily Cox  Brida

Timothy Innes  Edward

Harry Gilby ... Aethelstan

Ewan Mitchell  Osferth