Mar 18, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 6: Too Late for Peace [2022 Review]

In Episode 6/10 of The Last Kingdom Season 5, Uhtred goes on a long journey to meet King Edward and expose Aethelhelm's plot; however he is unable to save the situation as Sigtryggr strikes first.

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To weaken King Edward's forces, Sigtryggr takes the bold step of striking Aethelhelm's army en route to meet the King of Scotland.

Sigtryggr's army is dominant in the battle until suddenly King Edward pulls in. Edward's goal is to come to apprehend Aethelhelm, but accidentally thanks to his arrival, Aethelhelm has the chance to  escape.

Sigtryggr is defeated and captured. Edward offered a condition that Sigtryggr must accept to convert to Christianity in order to be spared, but Sigtryggr refuses. Following Sigtryggr's will to die at the hands of England's mightiest warrior, Uhtred reluctantly becomes Sigtryggr's executioner.

Fearing Edward's expansion, King Constantin of Scotland forms an alliance with the Lords of Northumbria, including Uhtred's cousin Wihtgar, who killed his biological father to claim the throne of Bebbanburg from Uhtred.

Aethelhelm plans to join Constantin, with the immediate goal of capturing Aelfwynn to serve as a "gift".

Eysteinn Sigur簸arson  Sigtryggr

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra, Eysteinn Sigur簸arson  Sigtryggr

Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred

Micki Stoltt ... Rognvaldr 

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra

Harry Gilby ... Aethelstan

Timothy Innes  Edward

Ruby Hartley  Stiorra, Alexander Dreymon  Uhtred

Emily Cox  Brida, Cavan Clerkin  Father Pyrlig

Cavan Clerkin  Father Pyrlig, Emily Cox  Brida

Rod Hallett ... Constantin - King of Scotland

Ossian Perret ... Wihtgar