FILMELYπŸ¦‹: The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16: Cycle of Retaliation [Review]

Apr 3, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16: Cycle of Retaliation [Review]

In "Acts of God" Episode of The Walking Dead Season 11, Lance has commandos assist Leah in attacking Alexandria, but before that Maggie had left and turned the mansion into an explosive trap.

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Leah survives the explosion in the main building in Alexandria, costs another member of Maggie and begins hunting her in the woods. Leah finally captures Maggie but doesn't kill her quickly. Leah  wants Maggie to suffer when witnessing the death of her loved ones; but this is where Leah makes mistake.

Maggie manages to break free of the ropes but again loses to Leah in a duel.

Lance also has the guards secretly set trap to bring Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel to a car park to kill them all. However, Daryl's group soon realize their intentions and decide to strike first.

Bogged down in tracking down the people from the Riverbend and retrieving the weapon vehicle, Lance decides to go strong to save face before Pamela: he has troops occupy both Alexandria and Oceanside, where the Commonwealth flags are now raised.

Lance still has the habit of tossing a coin like an Oriental hexagram to make decisions on important matters. A huge swarm of locusts appears in the area, heralding a period of hostility, blood, and disaster.

Inside the Commonwealth, Connie's group asks Stephanie to find evidence in Pamela's office about the disappearance of Davis Tyler and the others. They come upon a list of about 200 missing people. The Commonwealth Tribute runs  the front page "Pamela Milton is lying you", to the much anger of Pamela.


Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton

Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw, Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Margot Bingham ... Max/Stephanie Vega