FILMELY 🦋: House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 8: The Old King's Last Words 🎥720

Oct 10, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 8: The Old King's Last Words 🎥720

In Episode 8 Season 1 of House of the Dragon - "The Lord of the Tides", six years later, House Velaryon's succession rights are contested when Lord Corlys Velaryon is mortally wounded at Step Stones.

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Corlys' younger brother, Ser Vaemond Velaryon, wants to take the Driftmark's throne in place of his brother, demanding that King's Landing be named Corlys' heir, arguing that it is illegal for Prince Lucerys to become the new lord as he is a bastard.

From the Dragon Stones, Rhaenyra, Daemon bring their children back to King's Landing to protect Lucerys' inheritance. At this time, King Viserys is currently bedridden and disfigured by illness. All royal affairs have been managed by Queen Alicent and Ser Otto Hightower as the Right Hand.

Alicent covers for her son, Aegon, now married to Helaena, after he raped a maid. When Vaemond arrives at the Red Keep, Rhaenyra proposes a deal to gain the favor of Princess Rhaenys, the wife of Lord Corlys, but is rejected.

Feeling helpless and alone, Rhaenyra begs Viserys to protect her succession, citing Aegon the Conqueror's dream.

At court, Ser Otto establishes the throne on behalf of the king, listening to Ser Vaemond's claims of his right of succession in persuasive words. As Rhaenyra begins to speak, old Viserys suddenly appears and takes over the hearings. He asks Princess Rhaenys to present Corlys' will. On that basis, he declares Lucerys the heir to the Driftmark.

Enraged, Vaemond outspokenly call Rhaenyra's children bastards; Daemon immediately cuts off his head.

The royal family gathers for a feast to mend their relationship in the presence of Viserys, who emphasizes that he is not only the king but also the husband, father, brother and grandfather of the great family. The princes starts a small fighting right after the King left.

Later, on his deathbed, Viserys mistakes Alicent beside him for Rhaenyra. He may want to tell Rhaenyra about Aegon the Conqueror's Dream, about Prince That Was Promised, about the mission to unite the realm  and leave all that responsibility to Rhaenyra.

Queen Alicent next to him does not understand anything about the story of Aegon the Conqueror's Dream, thinking that the king is referring to her son Prince Aegon and the responsibilities the king assigns her.

This could be a great reason for Alicent to have enough motivation to launch a civil war to win the throne for Aegon, and see it as the legacy of her late husband - emperor.


Paddy Considine ... King Viserys I Targaryen
Matt Smith ... Prince Daemon Targaryen
Emma D'Arcy ... Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen
Milly Alcock ... young Rhaenyra Targaryen (Young)
Emma D'Arcy ... Rhaenyra Targaryen (Adult)
Emily Carey ... Alicent Hightower (Young)
Olivia Cooke ... Lady / Queen Alicent Hightower (Adult)
Rhys Ifans ... Ser Otto Hightower
Steve Toussaint ... Lord Corlys Velaryon
Eve Best ... Princess Rhaenys Targaryen
Sonoya Mizuno ... Mysaria
Graham McTavish ... Ser Harrold Westerling
Fabien Frankel ... Ser Criston Cole
Ryan Corr ... Ser Harwin Strong
Matthew Needham ... Larys Strong
Arty Froushan ...Ser Qarl Correy
Tom Glynn-Carney ... Prince Aegon Targaryen
Ewan Mitchell ... Prince Aemond Targaryen
Phia Saban ... Princess Helaena Targaryen
Bethany Antonia ... Lady Baela Targaryen
Phoebe Campbell ... Lady Rhaena Targaryen