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Nov 7, 2022

House of the Dragon: Overview of Dragon Meleys the Red Queen

In Season 1 of House of Dragon series, at the enthronement ceremony of Aegon II organized by the Greens, in the midst of popular cheers, the Red Dragon Meleys suddenly appeared with Princess Rhaenys on her back, destroying the Dragonpit in a brief moment, and tempted to spew fire and consumed them all; but eventually flew away, signaling the beginning of the civil war.

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House of the Dragon: Overview of Vhagar The Queen of All Dragons

The final episodes of the first season of House of the Dragon series introduced three other dragons that played an important role in the civil war for the Iron Throne in the Continent of Westeros – Dance of the Dragons: Vhagar (of Aemon), Meleys (of Rhaenys) and Vermithor (new rider unknown).

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Game of Thrones: Who Could Be "the Prince That Was Promised"?

Throughout the book A Song of Ice and Fire, a mysterious character who has been mentioned for centuries being The Prince That Was Promised - who will lead humanity on the continent of Westeros to defeat the forces of darkness from the North, as in Aegon The Conquerer's Dream. This character is mentioned again in the recent House of the Dragon series.

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House of the Dragon: Overview of Balerion, Caraxes, Syrax and Seasmoke in Book and Film

In season 1 of the House of the Dragon series, four dragons have appeared or are mentioned first being  Viserys' Balerion (deceased), Daemon's Caraxes, Rhaenyra's Syrax, and Laenor Velaryon's Seasmoke.

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Oct 24, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 10: Vhagar Kills Arrax in a Single Bite, Vermithor Awakend 720

In Episode 10/10 Season 1 of House of the Dragon series - "The Black Queen", at Dragonstone, Princess Rhaenys informs the death of King Viserys and the High Tower's holding a public coronation ceremony for Prince Aegon. The news leaves Rhaenyra in shock and miscarried.

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Oct 17, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 9: "Red Queen" Melys at Aagon's Coronation 720

In Episode 9 Season 1 of House of the Dragon - "The Green Council", King Viserys dies, Queen Alicent believes his will is to put their son Aegon on the throne. The Small Council consisting of a majority of the members supporting the Hightower is convened to carry out this plan.

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Oct 10, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 8: The Old King's Last Words 720

In Episode 8 Season 1 of House of the Dragon - "The Lord of the Tides", six years later, House Velaryon's succession rights are contested when Lord Corlys Velaryon is mortally wounded at Step Stones.

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Oct 3, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 7: Two Funerals and One Wedding

In Episode 7 Season 1 of House of the Dragon series - "Driftmark", King Viserys, his family and his court attend Princess Laena's funeral at Driftmark Island. Second Prince Aemond claims Laena's dragon Vhagar, leading to a melee with his cousins, in which Lucerys slashes Aemond in the eye.

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Sep 27, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 6: The Bastard Princes

In Episode 6 Season 1 of the series House of the Dragon - "The Princess and the Queen", set 10 years later, Rhaenyra gives birth to her third prince and begins a contiuous feud with Queen Alicent.

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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5: The Bloody and Messy Royal Wedding

In Episode 5 Season 1 of series House of the Dragon - "We Light the Way", King Viserys personally visits the Velaryon's stronghold on Driftmark Island (west of Dragonstone in Blackwater Bay) to arrange a marriage between Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon, with the promise that the young couple's first son would later inherit the throne.

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Sep 15, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4: The Night of Flesh for a Virgin

In Episode 4 Season 1 of House of the Dragon - "King of the Narrow Sea", Rhaenyra goes to Storm's End Castle to present for a concubine, but couldn't choose one. She returns to capital King's Landing as soon as her Uncle Daemon returns from the Stepstones riding the dragon Caraxes.

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Sep 5, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 3: The Heroic and Reckless Daemon at Stepstone

In Episode 3 Season 1 of series House of the Dragon - "Second of His Name", the film's development has a time jump of about 3 years, in which Queen Alicent Hightower gave birth to a prince and is now pregnant with her second child; the conflicts in the Stepstone area becomes increasingly difficult for Daemon and his allies.

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Sep 4, 2022

House of the Dragon Has Been Renewed for Season 2, Jon Snow's Show Is In Development

Just 5 days after the premiere of the first episode of the 10-episode House of the Dragon series - a prequel to Game of Thrones, HBO has announced that the show shall be renewed for Season 2.

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Aug 29, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode2: The Rogue but Emotional Prince

In Episode 2 Season 1 of House of the Dragon - "The Rogue Prince", six months after Rhaenyra was announced as the future Queen, Daemon, supported by thousands of City Watch soldiers in the Golden Cloak, start to capture and occupy the Dragonstone.

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Aug 28, 2022

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 1: The Heirs of the Dragon

In Season 1 Episode 1 of HBO's series House of the Dragon - "The Heirs of the Dragon", during the reign of King Jaehaerys Targaryen, tragedies took the lives of his sons, leaving the succession undecided. A Great Council is convened to choose the future ruler of the Westeros Continent.

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Apr 12, 2019

Almost all the heroes will die in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Several months before the airing date, HBO released a set of photos describing our beloved characters sitting on the iron throne.

Several days before the airing date, the official poster was released ... and all of them are dead in their icy grave.

Jon Snow  |   Jaime Lannister |  Arya  |  Bran Stark  |  Daenerys |  Brienne of Tarth  | the Red Witch Melisandre  | Varys the Spider | Sam …. all in icy grave.

And of course, many other unrecognizable faces ... So the key question is not who will die, but who will survive, who will sit on the iron throne?

Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n Ph廕吵 8: Jon Snow v Dany s廕 hy sinh t廕【 tr廕要 t廙 chi廕積 v廙i D廕 Vがヾng?

Mar 4, 2019

D廙 o獺n 廙nh m廙nh c廙吧 t廙南g nh璽n v廕負 trong Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n qua Poster m廙i

HBO v廙冠 tung Poster c廙吧 20 nh璽n v廕負 c簷n s廙ng 廕積 M羅a 8 c觼ng l m羅a cu廙i Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n. D廙 ki廕積 ch廙 vi trong s廙 h廙 s廕 c簷n s廙ng s籀t 廕積 o廕》 cu廙i c廙吧 B廙 phim. 

Dec 9, 2018

Nh廙疸g ph廙ng o獺n v廙 廕姊 d廙 trong Teaser c廙吧 Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n Ph廕吵 8

HBO 瓊 ph獺t hnh o廕》 gi廙i thi廙u cho m羅a th廙 t獺m v c觼ng l cu廙i c羅ng c廙吧 Game of Thrones, s廕 ra m廕眩 vo th獺ng 4 nm 2019. o廕》 clip mang 廕囤 t穩nh 廕姊 d廙,  di chがa 廕囤 m廙t ph繳t v kh繫ng hi廙n th廙 b廕另 k廙 c廕τh quay th廙帷 t廕 no cho c獺c t廕計 s廕皰 t廙i, nhがng i廙u 籀 瓊 khi廕積 kh獺n gi廕 t簷 m簷, 廙n o獺n v c廙 g廕疸g lu廕要 gi廕ξ nh廙疸g 廕姊 d廙 ch廙奄 廙彫g trong 籀.

Teaser 廕吟 ti礙n c廙吧 Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n Ph廕吵 8


o廕》 trailer cho th廕句 nh廙疸g  con s籀ng bng v s籀ng l廙苔 o 廕﹀ lao vo nhau, bao tr羅m d廕吵 sa 廙 v羅ng 廕另 c廙吧 l廙卉 廙a Westeros. Khi bng v h廙a d廕吵 lan r廙ng, ch繳ng trn l礙n nh廙疸g b廙妾 tが廙τg tr礙n sa 廙, tが廙τg trがng cho nh廙疸g Gia t廙c c廙吧 B廕ㄊ vがヾng qu廙c, m廙t con sが t廙 cho Nh Lannisters, m廙t s籀i tuy廕篙 cho Nh Starks v m廙t con r廙ng cho Nh Targaryens. Sau 籀 v bng v h廙a 璽m vo nhau.

  Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n Ti廙n truy廙n (礙m trが廙ng - 廕 ch廕 Valyria)

S籀i v r廙ng, が廙θ 廕暗 xa hヾn v廙 ph穩a b廕畚 (v穫 Jon v Dany s廕 v廙 廕積 Winterfell khi M羅a 8 b廕眩 廕吟) 瓊 籀ng bng. Sが t廙 廕暗 廙 ph穩a nam (v穫 Cersei v廕南 c簷n 廙 Kinh 繫 King Landing) b廙 th礙u ch獺y. M廙t s廙 ngが廙i h璽m m廙 suy o獺n ti廕積 tr穫nh ny s廕 ph廕τ 獺nh s廙 s廙 s廙叼 廙 t廙南g bが廙c c廙吧 c獺c nh璽n v廕負 ch穩nh y廕簑 trong GoT ho廕搾 th廕 l廙帷 c廙吧 h廙. Li廙u bng c籀 tが廙τg trがng cho B籀ng tr廕疸g v 廙i qu璽n x獺c s廙ng? Li廙u l廙苔 c籀 獺m ch廙 廕積 loi r廙ng, hay h廙a kh穩 – m廙t lo廕【 v觼 kh穩 b穩 m廕負 m Cersei th穩ch d羅ng?


N廕簑 ch繳ng ta ch繳 羸 廕積 kho廕τh kh廕畚 khi l廙苔 v bng h廙i t廙 (hay va ch廕《?), m廙t b廙妾 tが廙ng 獺 瓊 h穫nh thnh nヾi ch繳ng g廕搆 nhau. Nhi廙u ngが廙i h璽m m廙 tin r廕彫g 籀 ch穩nh l 獺 r廙ng.

H瓊y nh廙 l廕【 r廕彫g 獺 r廙ng, c簷n が廙θ g廙i l obsidian, l m廙t lo廕【 獺 n繳i l廙苔 m nh廙疸g  Ti廙u th廕吵 r廙南g (Children of the Forest) d羅ng 廙 gi廕篙 B籀ng Tr廕疸g White Walkers (Sam Tarly 瓊 lm i廙u ny trong Ph廕吵 3.) N籀 c簷n が廙θ g廙i l "l廙苔 籀ng bng" 廙 Old Valyria.

Li廙u i廙u 籀 c籀 ngh藺a l B籀ng tr廕疸g White Walkers cu廙i c羅ng 廙i m廕暗 v廙i th廕另 b廕【 b廙i 獺 r廙ng? Hay s廙 va ch廕《 c廙吧 bng h廙a ch廙 l m廙t ph矇p 廕姊 d廙 cho Jon Snow – m廙t nh璽n v廕負 mang c廕 hai d簷ng m獺u Stark v Targaryen?

R廙ng Viserion sau khi b廙 gi廕篙 v h廙i sinh 瓊 bi廕積 thnh B籀ng tr廕疸g hay X獺c s廙ng?


T廙 CHI廕鋅 廙A

V廙 tr穩 c廙吧 c廙吧 cu廙c va ch廕《 gi廙畝 bng v h廙a c觼ng r廕另 quan tr廙ng. Nhi廙u kh獺n gi廕 ch廙 ra r廕彫g, d廙帶 tr礙n v廙 tr穩 sa 廙, cu廙c va ch廕《 s廕 x廕ㄊ ra t廕【 v羅ng  inh ba Trident (b廙 ba s繫ng d廕南 vo Bi廙n H廕雷 Narrow Sea, vi trm d廕搶 v廙 ph穩a b廕畚 c廙吧 Kinh 繫 King Landing) ho廕搾 v羅ng  C廙苔 ng廙 (Neck) l khu 廕吮 l廕囤 ph穩a b廕畚 v羅ng Trident v l ph廕吵 c廙帷 nam c廙吧 mi廙n B廕畚. Li廙u 璽y c籀 ph廕ξ l 獺m ch廙 cho t廙 chi廕積 廙a – nヾi s廕 di廙n ra tr廕要 廕【 chi廕積 kinh i廙n c廙吧 Ph廕吵 8 hay kh繫ng?

B廕τ 廙 L廙卉 廙a Westeros trong th廕 gi廙i Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n

N廕簑 tr廕要 廕【 chi廕積 di廙n ra t廕【 v羅ng Trident, i廙u 籀 s廕 c籀 nh廙疸g 羸 ngh藺a r廕另 quan tr廙ng. Nh vn Lindsey Romain 瓊 ch廙 ra tr礙n Twitter r廕彫g, trが廙c h廕篙, 籀 l nヾi di廙n ra Tr廕要 chi廕積 inh ba n廙i ti廕積g, nヾi Robert Baratheon (ch廙ng Cersei) gi廕篙 Rhaegar Targaryen (ngが廙i m b璽y gi廙 ch繳ng ta bi廕篙 l cha th廕負 c廙吧 Jon Snow).

Nng l廙帷 kh獺ng h廙a c廙吧 M廕 R廙ng Daenerys Targaryen

Th廙 hai, n籀 c觼ng li礙n quan 廕積 m廙t gi廕卉 mヾ c廙吧 M廕 R廙ng Daenerys Targaryen が廙θ vi廕篙 trong Phong V觼 Ki廕禦 (A Storm of Swords) - cu廙n th廙 ba trong lo廕﹀ Tuy廕篙 h廙a trが廙ng ca c廙吧 George R.R. Martin. Trong gi廕卉 mヾ, Dany th廕句 m穫nh l Rhaegar cが廙【 r廙ng bay vo v羅ng inh ba (Trident), 廙i m廕暗 v廙i m廙t 廙i qu璽n 廙ch "cが廙ng bng gi獺p" nhがng cu廙i c羅ng 瓊 lm ch繳ng b廕彫g l廙苔 r廙ng.

璽y ch廙 l i廙m b獺o hay s廙 tr羅ng h廙φ? Ch繳ng ta ch廙 c籀 th廙 bi廕篙 が廙θ khi Game of Thrones tr廙 l廕【 vo m羅a xu璽n 2019.

By GS Corp Channel

Nov 22, 2018

Jason Momoa: A Dramatic Shift from Drogo in Game of Thrones to Aquaman

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa born in 1979, perfectly 1m93 tall is an American actor, model and producer. In his youth, Jason Momoa was Hawaii's top model. In 1999, he won the Model of the Year award.

Jul 5, 2018

Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n Ti廙n truy廙n (Tr穩ch t廙 Ti廙u thuy廕篙 Tuy廕篙 h廙a Trが廙ng ca)

[GOT – Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n] L廙CH S廙 

Ngy t廕要 th廕 c廙吧 Valyria l m廙t th廕σ h廙a 
di廙n ra kho廕τg 400 nm trが廙c s廙 ki廙n 
Cu廙c chi廕積 c廙吧 Ng觼 hong. N籀 瓊 ph獺 
h廙囤 kinh 繫 Valyria C廙 廕【 v tn ph獺 h廕吟 
h廕篙 m廙i di s廕τ c廙吧 loi ngが廙i t廕【 B獺n 廕υ 

S廙 ph獺 h廙囤 kinh 繫 di廙n ra ch籀ng v獺nh 
trong m廙t ngy 瓊 d廕南 廕積 s廙 s廙叼 廙 c廙吧 
ton b廙 廕 ch廕 Valyria Freehold – 廕 ch廕 
瓊 cai tr廙 l廙卉 廙a Essos trong hヾn b廙n 
ngn nm. 

M廙t c獺ch gi獺n ti廕穆, s廙 ki廙n ny l ti廙n 廙 
廙 d廕南 廕積 cu廙c chinh ph廕﹀ c廙吧 Gia t廙c 
Targaryen t廕【 l廙卉 廙a Westeros – t廕︽ ra 
nh廙疸g di廙n bi廕積 c廙吧 c廙吧 Tr簷 chヾi Vがヾng 


Trong g廕吵 5 ngh穫n nm, 廕 ch廕 Valyria 瓊 
cai tr廙 l廙卉 廙a Essos (chi廕禦 m廙t n廙苔 th廕 
gi廙i c廙 廕【) nh廙 vo s廙妾 m廕》h c廙吧 loi 
r廙ng m h廙 s廙 h廙真.  

廕 ch廕 Valyria trong giai o廕》 ny l m廙t 
n廙n vn minh ch廙 廕︽ c廙吧 th廕 gi廙i, v廙i 
nh廙疸g 廕搾 trがng v廙 ng繫n ng廙, ch廙 vi廕篙, 
t繫n gi獺o v t廕計 qu獺n.  

廕 ch廕 ny c觼ng thi廕篙 l廕計 h廙 th廙ng c獺c 
thu廙c 廙a, g廕疸 k廕篙 v廙i Kinh 繫 Valyria 
b廕彫g h廙 th廙ng が廙ng s獺.  

M廙t c獺ch t穫nh c廙 ho廕搾 nh廙 vo m廙t i廙m 
b獺o trong m廙ng, Gia t廙c Targaryens – 
m廙t trong nh廙疸g gia t廙c h羅ng m廕》h nh廕另 
c廙吧 廕 ch廕 Essos 瓊 thi廕篙 l廕計 ph獺o i 
Dragonstone tr礙n m廙t h簷n 廕υ n廕彩 
ngoi khヾi l廙卉 廙a Westeros, s廙 d廙叩g lm 
m廙t i廙m giao thがヾng. 

NGY T廕昧 TH廕 

Trong ngy 廙nh m廙nh, nh廙疸g ng廙n n繳i 
l廙苔 g廕吵 Kinh 繫 Valyria b羅ng n廙, thi礙u r廙可  
th廙 ph廙 ngn nm tが廙ng r廕彫g b廕另 di廙t 
thnh tro b廙可 v tn ph獺 c獺c v羅ng l璽n c廕要 
b廙i nh廙疸g tr廕要 廙ng 廕另 k矇o theo sau. 
Ton b廙 s獺ch s廙, b羅a ch繳, tri th廙妾, di s廕τ 
c廙吧 ngが廙i Valyria 廙u b廙 tn ph獺.

Nh廙疸g ng廙n l廙苔 phun tro kh廙吵g khi廕穆 
廕積 m廙妾 nh廙疸g con r廙ng c廙 g廕疸g bay l礙n 
cao nh廕另 c籀 th廙 nhがng c觼ng b廙 thi礙u 

B獺n 廕υ Valyria ch廕叩 廙ng, n廙妾 
to獺t v nが廙c bi廙n trn vo nh廕叩 ch穫m 
ton b廙 kinh 繫. Khu v廙帷 ny sau 籀 が廙θ 
g廙i v廙i c獺i t礙n l Bi廙n Kh籀i (Smoking Sea) 
m kh繫ng m廙t th廙囤 th廙 no d獺m l獺i 
thuy廙n qua v穫 lo s廙 nh廙疸g qu獺i v廕負 dが廙i 
bi廙n v nh廙疸g hi廙m h廙a ti廙m tng.

Nguy礙n nh璽n c廙吧 Ngy t廕要 th廕 廕積 nay 
v廕南 l m廙t 廕姊 s廙: m廙t s廙 ngが廙i cho r廕彫g 
籀 ヾn thu廕吵 l th廕σ h廙a t廙 nhi礙n, m廙t 
s廙 kh獺c cho r廕彫g 籀 l do nh廙疸g l廙i 
nguy廙n v b羅a ch繳 v繫 t穫nh c廙吧 ch穩nh 
ngが廙i Valyria. 

C獺c Gia t廙c c廙吧 廕 ch廕 Valyria 廙u tuy廙t 
ch廙吵g, ngo廕【 tr廙 Gia t廙c  Targaryens  (t廙 
ti礙n c廙吧 M廕 R廙ng Dany) nh廙 h廙 瓊 l廕計 
ph獺o i Dragonstone v di t廕τ 廕積 nヾi 
ny vi nm trが廙c khi s廙 ki廙n di廙n ra. 
Nh廙疸g con r廙ng i c羅ng h廙 c觼ng l 
nh廙疸g con duy nh廕另 c簷n s廙ng s籀t tr礙n 
th廕 gi廙i. 

M廙t th廙 kh獺c c簷n s籀t l廕【 l con dao lm 
b廕彫g th矇p Valyria huy廙n tho廕【, hi廙n do 
Arya n廕痂 gi廙. Ngoi ra, Quang Minh 
Ki廕禦 d廙 廙nh s廕 xua tan b籀ng t廙i (gi繳p 
ti礙u di廙t D廕 Vがヾng) li廙u c籀 ph廕ξ l thanh 
ki廕禦 c簷n s籀t l廕【 c廙吧 n廙n vn minh Valyria 
m 廕積 gi廙 v廕南 chがa t穫m ra?

TH廕 K廙 C廙再 MU

Khi kinh 繫 c廙吧 廕 ch廕 Essos b廙 ph獺 h廙囤, 
c獺c thu廙c 廙a trが廙c 璽y c廙吧 廕 ch廕 b廕眩 
廕吟 ginh l廕【 quy廙n t廙 tr廙, v h廙 chinh 
ph廕﹀ l廕南 nhau trong nh廙疸g cu廙c chi廕積 
廕匍 m獺u 廙 ginh quy廙n th廙ng tr廙 l廙卉 廙a 
- t廕︽ ra m廙t th廙i k廙 g廙i l Th廕 k廙 c廙吧 M獺u 
(Century of Blood).

Khi kh繫ng c簷n b廙 ki廙m so獺t b廙i ngが廙i 
Valyria dが廙i s廙妾 m廕》h c廙吧 loi r廙ng nhが 
trが廙c 璽y, ngが廙i Dothraki (sau ny M廕 
R廙ng が廙θ g廕 cho B廙 t廙c ny, v hi廙n nay 
l N廙 vがヾng)  b廕眩 廕吟 bnh trが廙ng kh廕皰 
ton l廙卉 廙a Essos.  

T廕【 v羅ng t璽y b廕畚, thnh Braavos v廙n “廕姊 
m穫nh” do c獺c n繫 l廙 tr廙n ch廕『 t廙 Valyria 
thi廕篙 l廕計 d廕吵 d廕吵 n廙i l礙n. Do kh繫ng c籀 
nh廙疸g g廕疸 k廕篙 v廙 ch穩nh tr廙 v廙i 廕 ch廕 
Valyria c觼 , h簷n 廕υ Braavos tr獺nh が廙θ 
nh廙疸g cu廙c n廙i chi廕積 v chinh ph廕﹀, 廕σ 
b廕υ が廙θ s廙 廙n 廙nh v d廕吵 d廕吵 ph獺t 
tri廙n thnh nヾi h羅ng m廕》h nh廕另 trong s廙 
c獺c Thnh t廙 tr廙 (Free Cities).


B廙n th廕 k廙 sau ngy t廕要 th廕, Ph廕 繫 
Valyria v廕南 l  m廙t 廙ng 廙 n獺t ph廙 kh籀i.  
M廙i n廙 l廙帷 i qua ph廕 繫 ny ho廕搾 kh繫i  
ph廙卉 l廕【 n籀 廙u k廕篙 th繳c trong bi k廙ch. 
Ngay c廕 廕積 cが廙p bi廙n c觼ng e ng廕【 i 
qua v羅ng 廕另 ny. 

C獺c con tu i qua b獺n 廕υ Valyria 廙u 
c廙 g廕疸g tr獺nh xa 廕另 li廙n v穫 lo ng廕【 qu獺i 
v廕負 v nh廙疸g i廙u en t廙i x廕ㄊ 廕積. 璽y 
c觼ng l nヾi b廙 y c廙吧 nh廙疸g  ngが廙i b廙 
b廙nh da h籀a 獺. H廙 t穫m c獺ch 廙 s廙ng s籀t 
dが廙i nh廙疸g tn t穩ch c廙吧 ph廕 繫 ny.

Trong ph廕吵 5, c籀 ph璽n c廕τh Tyrion v 
Jorah i qua v羅ng bi廙n ny v b廙 t廕叩 c繫ng 
b廙i nh廙疸g ngが廙i 獺, sau 籀 Jorah b廕眩 廕吟 
b廙 nhi廙m cn b廙nh v廕ㄊ 獺. 


T廙 c廙 i廙m l ph獺o i Dragonstone, Gia 
t廙c Tagaryens b廕眩 廕吟 l廕計 m廙t ph獺o i 
m廙i t廕【 v羅ng Blackwater Rush – sau ny 
ph獺t tri廙n thnh kinh 繫 King of Landing 
(nヾi ng廙 tr廙 c廙吧 Ngai s廕眩 v hi廙n l nヾi 
Cersie ang cai tr廙). 

100 nm sau ngy t廕要 th廕 Valyria v c觼ng 
300 nm trが廙c Cu廙c chi廕積 Ng觼 廕 (War of 
the Five Kings – s廙 ki廙n kh廙i 廙ng c廙吧 Tr簷 
chヾi Vがヾng quy廙n), Vua  Aegon 
Targaryen v廙i s廙 h廙 tr廙 c廙吧 loi r廙ng b廕眩 
廕吟 chinh ph廕﹀ 6 Gia t廙c ch廙 ch廙t c廙吧 l廙卉 
廙a Westeros, h穫nh thnh n礙n 廕 ch廕 v廙i 
bi廙u tが廙τg l chi廕盧 Ngai s廕眩 g廙m b廕ㄊ ti廙u 

T廙 m廙t trong nh廙疸g Gia t廙c h羅ng m廕》h 
nh廕另 v l Gia t廙c duy nh廕另 c簷n s籀t l廕【 c廙吧 
l廙卉 廙a Essos sau ngy t廕要 th廕, h廙 瓊 
chinh ph廕﹀ v tr廙 thnh ch廙 nh璽n c廙吧 
Ngai s廕眩, cai tr廙 l廙卉 廙a Westeros trong 
kho廕τg 300 nm cho 廕積 khi b廙  Robert 
Baratheon (ch廙ng c廙吧 Cersei) l廕負 廙 …