FILMELY 🦋: The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21: Old Home, New Owner 🎥720

Oct 23, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21: Old Home, New Owner 🎥720

In Episode 21/24 Season 11 "Outpost 22" of the AMC's The Walking Dead series, the settlement of Alexlandria is "conquered" by the Commonwealth to become an outpost, and Maggie and the others are taken away.

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On the escorted truck, Maggie, Gabriel, and Rosita try to escape. They then reunite with Daryl and Carol. They seek various ways to get information about the train's destination - where the Alexandrians are detained and forced into hard labor at the "bottom" of society. However, most of their efforts don't work.

They intercepte another train, with Connie on it, and press the driver to give the location of the destination. However, he chooses to commit suicide because his family would be killed by the Commonwealth if he revealed any secrects.

Having worked in the Commonwealth's guard for a while, Rosita uses a communications device found on the train to call to the command center by a fake identity to extract information. She learns that their friends being sent back to the settlement of Alexandria - now Outpost 22 for "reprocessing".

Maggie is determined to retake Alexandria.


Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon
Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier
Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene, 
Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa, 
Josh McDermitt ... Eugene Porter, 
Seth Gilliam ... Gabriel Stokes, 
Ross Marquand ... Aaron, 
Khary Payton ... Ezekiel,
Cooper Andrews ... Jerry, 
Callan McAuliffe ... Alden, 
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Negan, 
Eleanor Matsuura ... Yumiko, 
Nadia Hilker ... Magna, 
Cailey Fleming ... Judith Grimes, 
Cassady McClincy ... Lydia, 
Lauren Ridloff ... Connie, 
Paola Lázaro ... Juanita "Princess" Sanchez, 
Michael James Shaw ... Mercer, 
Lynn Collins ... Leah, The Reaper
Ritchie Coster ... Pope, The Reaper
Jacob Young ... Deaver, The Reaper
Carrie Genzel ... Clark, 
Matthew Cornwell ... Evans, 
Chelle Ramos ... "Stephanie", 
Ian Anthony Dale ... Tomi, 

Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw
Josh Hamilton ... Lance Hornsby
Margot Bingham ... Max/Stephanie Vega
Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton
Chelle Ramos as Fake "Stephanie"
... Tyler Davis
Okea Eme-Akwari ... Elijah
Jason Butler Harner ... Calson
Teo Rapp-Olsson ... Sebastian Milton
Medina Senghore ... Annie