Nov 7, 2022

The 3 Spin-off Series of "The Walking Dead" in 2023 📆

Although the main series The Walking Dead will officially end with its Season 11 in 2022, AMC's Walking Dead Universe continues to expand with 3 new spinoffs that will be broadcast in 2023. All of them are based on main characters of “The Walking Dead”: (1) Rick and Michonne (2) Negan and Maggie (3) Daryl. Thus, in some ways, The Walking Dead would not really end, but will continue by splitting itself  into 3 different shows.

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AMC Networks announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Andrew Lincoln (as Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) will reunite for a new series that continues the journey and love story of Rick Grimes and Michonne's characters.

Scott M. Gimple, main writer for The Walking Dead Universe, will act as showrunner for the series, which will begin with six episodes in 2023. Lincoln and Gurira are both executive producers.

This is the moment The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for since Rick disappeared in a helicopter at the start of season 9, and Michonne set off on a quest to find Rick in season 10. By season 11, Michonne has not been seen at all  in the series.


The series about Negan and Maggie has officially been titled "The Walking Dead: Dead City", set in the most luxurious city of the United States - Manhattan, New York. As you can see, the title has undergone a change from the original Isle of the Dead title that AMC had been using since around March 2022.

The Walking Dead: Dead City will premiere in 2023 with Eli Journé, executive producer and writer of The Walking Dead, serving as showrunner.

This is interesting for all the obvious reasons. It has been a looming fact that Maggie would probably always hate and never forgive Negan because he killed her husband during a brutal time.

In season 11 of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Negan are forced to and be reluctant to meet again, live together in a settlement, and have to work together on a number of common missions. Sometimes cooperation, sometimes mistrust, sometimes conflict and confrontation - that are the common nouns for the relation between them. The new fact that Negan now has a wife and is about to have a child will be what makes Maggie more confident in Negan's real change.

In the new series, the duo for some reasons will enter (or attack) New York City - a place swarming with the undead, full of gangs and warring factions, in a general state of disarray and chaos. It is set in Manhattan 12 years after the apocalypse began.

The producer also revealed more about this scene: There is a herd of millions of zombies dominating the streets of Manhattan… Maggie and Negan must find the island, where a small civilian community lives in Manhattan... on the 10th floor of all buildings, and they zipline back and forth to avoid the zombies below.


Since 2020 there has been information about a spin-off dedicated to the characters Carol and Daryl. But to fan surprise, Variety confirmed that Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, has left the show. So now we are only left with Daryl Dixon.

Daryl is a character that doesn't even exist in the original Zombie comics, but has been cleverly "built" to last through the seasons and slowly set a big fanbase.

It is quite surprising that the series will be set in France. We'll see why and how Daryl would fly/swim/climb/walk from America to Europe.

Carol's departure made fans think that the producer was planning to let the character die, and so they reacted violently online. A statement on AMC's Twitter reassured fans that the show is working hard to get fans to follow Carol's story - perhaps she'll be a guest on a future show or pick up some miniseries.

Daryl's spin-off will be directed by David Zabel. This will be Zabel's first foray into The Walking Dead Universe, but he'll have the guidance and support of Angela Kang, who has led the series since season nine.


Norman Reedus ... Daryl Dixon
Melissa McBride ... Carol Peletier
Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene, 
Christian Serratos ... Rosita Espinosa, 
Josh McDermitt ... Eugene Porter, 
Seth Gilliam ... Gabriel Stokes, 
Ross Marquand ... Aaron, 
Khary Payton ... Ezekiel,
Cooper Andrews ... Jerry, 
Callan McAuliffe ... Alden, 
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Negan, 
Eleanor Matsuura ... Yumiko, 
Nadia Hilker ... Magna, 
Cailey Fleming ... Judith Grimes, 
Cassady McClincy ... Lydia, 
Lauren Ridloff ... Connie, 
Paola Lázaro ... Juanita "Princess" Sanchez, 
Michael James Shaw ... Mercer, 
Lynn Collins ... Leah, The Reaper
Ritchie Coster ... Pope, The Reaper
Jacob Young ... Deaver, The Reaper
Carrie Genzel ... Clark, 
Matthew Cornwell ... Evans, 
Chelle Ramos ... "Stephanie", 
Ian Anthony Dale ... Tomi, 

Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw
Josh Hamilton ... Lance Hornsby
Margot Bingham ... Max/Stephanie Vega
Laila Robins ... Pamela Milton
Chelle Ramos as Fake "Stephanie"
... Tyler Davis
Okea Eme-Akwari ... Elijah
Jason Butler Harner ... Calson
Teo Rapp-Olsson ... Sebastian Milton
Medina Senghore ... Annie

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