FILMELY : The Sandman 2: Lucifer Leaves Hell and Season of Mists Begins

Sep 4, 2023

The Sandman 2: Lucifer Leaves Hell and Season of Mists Begins

Shooting for Season 2 of the series The Sandman by Netflix has reportedly began in June 2023 and the season is expected to air in the summer of 2025. With reference to the final developments of Season 1, the Volume Season of Mists 1990-1991 (the fourth of the Sandman books by Neil Gaiman) will likely be an important material sources for adaptation in Season 2.

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Sandman is one of the Endless, used to called by various names such as Dream, Morpheus, Oneiros, Shaper, Shaper of Form, Lord of the Dreaming, Dream King, Dream-Sneak, Cat of Dreams, Murphy, Kai'ckul and Lord L'Zoril. Sandman is the embodiment of man's scariest nightmares as well as most sublime sweet dreams. In this universe, there exist two basic worlds: the Dream Realm where Sandman is the Lord and the Wake Realm.

At the beginning of the last century, Sandman (often called Dream or Morpheus in the show) is captured by a mysterious ritual and imprisoned for more than a century.

Dream eventually manages to escape, takes revenge on his captors, and begins to rebuild his dream kingdom now almost extinct . To restore his power and status, Dream goes on a journey to find three lost treasures: the Sand Pouch, the Helmet and the Dream Ruby; At the same time, summon the three subordinates created by Dream: The Corinthian, Gault (the embodiment of nightmares) and Gilbert/Fiddler's Green (the embodiment of a perfect land in the dreams of travelers).

The Sand Pouch

The Sand Pouch is the treasure/tools that Dream uses most often, it is a tool to put people to sleep with beautiful dreams, it also helps Dream to travel to all worlds. To get back the Sand Pouch, Dream goes to female exorcist Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman) in London; and witness the sad story of Johanna's desperate ex-lover Rachel who is using the Sand to live in her endless sweet dreams of love regardless of the miserable reality.

The Dream Helmet

Dream's magic Helmet is made from the skull and spine of a god, shaped like a mask. It has more of a symbolic function than a practical one, Dream uses it as a "court costume", only used on important occasions or when visiting the world of other Endless.

In the show, the Helmet helps Morpheus locate the Dream Ruby.

While Dream was imprisoned, the Helmet fell into the hands of the demon Choronzon living in Hell; Therefore, Dream must enter the world of his Endless sister, Lucifer - Lord of Hell (Gwendoline Christie). Here, Dream has a fight with Lucifer and wins, regaining his item, but deepening the existing enmity between the two.

Dream Ruby Stone

The Ruby is one of the 12 dream stones that Dream created, it is the most precious one that Dream often wears, containing much of Dream's power, magic and essence.

The Ruby fell into the hands of a psychopath named John, who sought to change its properties so that only he could use the stone. John wants to use the stone to create a "better world", where everyone is honest with all their secret desires. However, what John has created with the stone is a world of chaos, lust, gore, and death when human's all wild instincts arise uncontrollably.

The Corinthian, Gault, Gilbert/Fiddler's Green and Vortex

The Vortex appears "once every age" for reasons unknown even to the Endless. It appears in the form of a mortal, in the show a young girl named Rose Walker. 

Vortex has the ability to destroy the boundaries between dreaming minds, causing countless dreamers to be trapped in a common dream, from which their minds will be destroyed and both the dream realm and the real world will be destroyed. The only way to eliminate the Vortex is to kill its host; and Dream is allowed to kill the human host.

The appearance of the Vortex at this time also leads to the reappearance of three of Dream's disciples who had escaped from the Dream Realm: The Corinthian, Gault, Gilbert/Fiddler's Green. Among them, the most challenging and dangerous to Dream is The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook) who is a nightmare. Since the absence of Dream, The Corinthian has encouraged, nurtured and amplified the darkest human desires such as pedophilia, murder, and cannibalism.

Episodes related to The Corinthian are filled with horror and blood. The Corinthian wants to take advantage of the Vortex to weaken Dream so that he can destroy Dream and become the dream master.


Season 1 of the show reveals hidden conflicts in the family of the Endless: Desire and Hope continues to devise many plans to sabotage Dream because they think he is arrogant; Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, harbors her revenge after being defeated in shame by Dream in Hell.

In addition, Season 1 also introduces the African Queen Nada, Dream's ex-lover whom Dream accidentally meets again when he goes to Hell to get back his Helmet. 

In the past, Nada is a mortal, but Dream falls in love and turns her into his lover. The Sun witnessed this forbidden love, decides to burn down Nada's city, causing her to choose suicide to save her city.

Dream descends to the Underworld to find Nada, and asks her to become his queen, but Nada refuses. Angered, Dream banishes Nada to Hell.

After many conflicts and destruction of each other, for some reason, the Endless agree to sit together in a big family party. During this party, Dream is criticized by Desire (Mason Alexander Park) for his brutality towards Nada, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) - who is very close to Dream also supports Desire's criticism of Dream.

Realizing his mistake, Dream decides to go to hell to free Nada. When Lucifer and Dream meet again, Lucifer suddenly informs Dream, "I've quit my job. I've stopped. I've resigned. I'm leaving." Lucifer unleashes all of Hell daemons, allowing them and souls to return to earth; even askes Dream to help cut her wings and gives the Key of Hell to Dream.

Lucifer tells Dream "I swore I would destroy you...maybe this would destroy you and may not."

Knowing that Dream holds the key of Hell and has the right to decide who the new Lord of Hell will be, the gods from all over the realms come to Dream world to meet Morpheus to ask for this key, for their own purposes. Among them are the gods from Asgard as Odin, Thor – they want to control the Hell to avoid the Doom Ragnarヱk as prophesied.

According to Norse mythology, the Dooms of Ragnarヱk is a series of impending events foretold, including a great battle in which many great Norse mythological figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freyr, Heimdall and Loki); it would entail a series of catastrophic natural disasters, including the world being burned and then submerged underwater.

Loki, now under Odin's punishment, tries to swap bodies with a Japanese God, Susano-o-no-Mikoto, causing this God to take the punishment in his place, and Loki takes the form of Susano- o-no-Mikoto to go to Dream world to meet Morpheus. The Dream Master easily recognizes Loki's cover and seeks put him under a debt, and at the same time free Susano-o-no-Mikoto.

Loki seeks revenge, and his actions trigger a chain of events that lead to Dream's destruction. Dream's body is taken out of the Dream world by the Endless and turns into a star in the galaxy. Anticipating his death, Dream chose the blonde boy Daniel Hall as his heir, and gave him the Emerald (aka Eagle Stone).

After Daniel Hall becomes the Dream Master, the essence of Dream Morpheus flows to Daniel, making Daniel appear to be a reincarnation of Morpheus: Daniel becomes physically identical to Morpheus, however with silver hair in stead of black color, and being younger (in his twenties, instead of his 30s like Morpheus), with an emerald necklace around his neck.


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Kirby Howell-Baptiste ... Death
Jenna Coleman ... Johanna Constantine
Boyd Holbrook ... The Corinthian
David Thewlis ... John Dee
Gwendoline Christie ... Lucifer
Joely Richardson ... Ethel Cripps
Patton Oswalt ... Matthew the Raven
Charles Dance ... Roderick Burgess
Stephen Fry ... Gilbert
Tom Sturridge ... Dream
Mason Alexander Park ... Desire
Niamh Walsh ... Young Ethel Cripps
Sanjeev Bhaskar ... Cain
Nina Wadia ... Fate Mother
Razane Jammal ... Lyta Hall
Ferdinand Kingsley ... Hob Gadling
Donna Preston ... Despair