FILMELY : Notes of Autumn: In Love We Find Inspirations and Directions

Sep 25, 2023

Notes of Autumn: In Love We Find Inspirations and Directions

Notes of Autumn is a 2023 romantic drama movie by Hallmark, USA. In the film, a retired female pianist in the US temporarily changes homes with a writer friend in Canada, the former is losing direction in her life and and the later is running out of inspiration in his writing art. The new surroundings and acquaintances bring them unexpected love.

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Ellie Matthews (Ashley Williams) and Leo Carrington (Luke Macfarlane) are close friends, but rarely see each other: Ellie is in Westerhaven USA while Leo is in the small Canadian town of Pinewood.

Ellie used to be a pianist but retired after several failures and not being confident enough in her talent. She moved to work as an event organizer for a high-class hotel but was recently fired because of her lack of concentration and "touching a panino every time she sees one."

Ashley Williams ... Ellie Matthews

Leo is a successful writer whose historical romance novel series Parkington Manor is very popular; However, after many years of living and writing in the safety of small Pinewood, he is running out of ideas to write the next book in the series while he is under deadline pressure from the publisher.

Luke Macfarlane ... Leo Carrington

Ellie comes to an idea of suggesting to Leo that they switch houses for two weeks to change the environment for each, so that Leo can be inspired by a new environment, and Ellie can determine what she needs to do with her stagnant life.

Perhaps because they are so close and understands each other so well, they both make promises on the other's behalf before swapping houses: Leo tells his friend Sam Perkins (Marcus Rosner) that Ellie would help organize a music event for Sam, the Piano Ball, for the town's annual fall fundraiser; Meanwhile, Ellie tells Matt (Peter Porte) - a hotel chef - that he can use her kitchen to prepare dinner for investors for a restaurant that Matt is planning to open, this means that Leo will "stay" in the same house as Matt.

Peter Porte ... Matt

Romances gradually blossom between Ellie and Sam, between Leo and Matt, as each inspires the other and suggests new directions in the other's life and work.

Marcus Rosner ... Sam Perkins

Notes of Autumn integrates many art perspectives together around its characters: literature art (Leo), musical art (Ellie), culinary art (Matt) ... in an autumn space with scenery and nature rich in colors, bright and uplifting.