FILMELY : Fear The Waling Dead Season 8: The Secrets of PADRE Island

Jun 4, 2023

Fear The Waling Dead Season 8: The Secrets of PADRE Island

The eighth and final season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead consists of 12 episodes and will be split into two six-episode seasons, with the second half slated to premiere in late 2023.

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Season 8 Episode 1 "Remember What They Took From You"

Brought to PADRE, located on an island in Georgia, Morgan and Madison overpower the guards and rescue Mo.

Seven years later, Madison is imprisoned by PADRE and then freed by a young girl named Wren. Madison gradually realizes that Wren is the actually Mo who she rescued. They meet Morgan who has now started working as a Collector for PADRE.

Morgan takes Madison and Wren to an abandoned boathouse in a swamp, the former home of the Morgan family several years ago, once attacked by the undead, prompting him to hand Mo over to PADRE for her safety.

The houseboat is attacked again. Grace shows up in time to  rescue the group; but after that Morgan and Grace decide to contact PADRE to give Mo back to them. 

Madison is recaptured while Morgan is fired by PADRE as the Collector.

Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Jay" 

June lives alone, she often ambushes PADRE's Collectors and cuts off their index fingers. One day she meets a desperate father named Adrian, who is looking for his daughter kidnapped Hannah.

Deciding to run away, June tries to steal a PADRE boat, but discovers that the people on board are Dwight, Sherry and their son Finch suffering from appendicitis and in dire need of emergency surgery. June reluctantly agrees to help and leads the three to an abandoned science lab on a train full of zombies.

Adrian also appeara on the ship. The incidents in the train later causes June to unveil what had happened on this train: she had performed experiments to find a way to treat zombie bites with radiation. However, the radiation levels were fatal to the test subjects, causing June to abandon her research despite Shrike's attempts to force her to continue.

Among the subjects who died a few years ago was Hannah - Adrian's daughter. When Adrian discovers his daughter's walking zombie, he decides to die with her.

June operates on Finch's appendix and plans to go with Wright's family, but the group is caught by PADRE. Shrike cuts off June's index finger and threatens Finch's life with Adrian's zombie head to force June back to work for PADRE.

On the way to be escorted to PADRE, Madison stages a plot to help Morgan escape.

Season 8 Episode 3 "Odessa"

In the newly renovated laboratory from a train carriage, Shrike wants June to continue testing the radioactive treatment of zombie virus on her new intended subject, Madison.

Out of curiosity, Wren/Mo accidentally saves Madison from being bitten by a zombie head.

They meet an "army" of parents searching for their missing children, and to their surprise Daniel is the commander of this group. Shrike is forced back to the PADRE's headquarter to provide biographical records of the abducted children.

At the PADRE headquarter, a truth is revealed: the person who operates PADRE's activities through the radio is not Shrike's father - a high-ranking military figure, but Shrike's younger brother. Their father was killed by the undead many years ago.

Season 8 Episode 4 "King County" 

Shrike uses Finch to threaten and force Dwight, Sherry to hunt down Morgan back. Morgan now returns to King County, his former hometown, to relieve his obsession and regret for years about his son's death. Grace and Mo/Wren also come to his place.

When Shrike orders the PADREs accompanying Dwight to kill Morgan, Dwight and Sherry have no choice but to kill Shrike's men and show Finch how to escape.

Grace is bitten by a zombie, Morgan takes her to find June for cure.


Lennie James ... Morgan Jones
Alycia Debnam-Carey ... Alicia Clark
Maggie Grace ... Althea "Al" Szewchot-Przygocki 
Colman Domingo ... Victor Strand
Danay Garc穩a ... Luciana Galvez
Garret Dillahunt ... John Dorie
Keith Carradine ... John Dorie Sr.
Alexa Nisenson ... Charlie
Rub矇n Blades ... Daniel Salazar
Karen David ... Grace
Austin Amelio ... Dwight
Zoe Colletti ... Dakota
John Glover …  Theodore Maddox (Teddy)
Ashton Arbab ... Ali
Omid Abtahi ... Howard
Jenna Elfman ... June
Kim Dickens ... Madison Clark