FILMELY : Marvel's Loki Series Season 2: How to Fixe the Branching Timeline? [Review Episodes 5/6]

Nov 5, 2023

Marvel's Loki Series Season 2: How to Fixe the Branching Timeline? [Review Episodes 5/6]

The Loki series Season 2 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues the events that took place in Season 1, after Loki's female variant Sylvie stabbed Kang - He Who Remains to death in revenge. The context of the series may be taking place parallel to the events in two recent Marvel movies, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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After Kang is stabbed to death by Sylvie, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) returns to the Temporal Variance Administration (TVA) and soon finds himself in a state of uncontrollable time travel: falling into the past, sometimes in the present, sometimes skipping into the future.
When falling into the past, Mobius (Owen Wilson) still does not know who Loki was and hunted him as pratice. Back in the present, Loki warns Mobius of the threat from multiple variations of He Who Remains, TVA's creator.
Loki and Mobius visit TVA technician Ouroboros "O.B." (Ke Huy Quan), who presumes that Loki is in a state of "time slip", a phenomenon possibly caused by the destabilization of the timeline branches caused by Kang's death.
To prevent Loki's time slip, O.B. guides Mobius to access the Temporal Room - which refines raw time into physical elements to form timelines, then use the Temporal Aura Extractor to extract Loki from the timeline when Loki is to prune himself.

While Mobius carries out his plan, Loki drifts into the future, where he briefly meets Sylvie before being pruned by someone at the last possible second to be "extracted".
Mobius successfully pulls Loki from the time stream, and the two set out to find Sylvie, just as many TVA Hunters are ordered by General Dox (Kate Dickie) to search for her.
In a mid-credit scence, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) enters a branched timeline in Broxton, Oklahoma in 1982 and visits a McDonald's restaurant.

Loki Series Season 2 Episode 3 "1893"

Loki - God of Recreation
Miss Minutes and Renslayer goes to Chicago in 1868 to secretly drop the TVA Manual on young Victor Timely, a variant of He Who Remains. This is the plan He Who Remains informed Miss Minutes before his death. They then travel to 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair in this branched timeline to find an adult Victor Timely.

Loki and Mobius follow Renslayer's TemPad to get here.
Loki - God of Recreation

There, they find Victor presenting the Temporal Loom prototype at the fair. Victor becomes the hunt target of four groups: Loki and Mobius; Renslayer and Miss Minutes – who want Victor to become He Who Remains' replacement; Sylvie - who wants to kill him to prevent his rise to power; and a group of robbers who want revenge for Victor's fake invention scam.
Loki - God of Recreation

Victor escapes from the fair with Renslayer and Miss Minutes; but then Miss Minutes convinces him to remove Renslayer from their journey. 
Loki - God of Recreation
At Victor's Wisconsin laboratory, Miss Minutes reveals herself to be an ambitious AI, dreaming of having a hot female body who can offer romantic love to Victor, causing Victor to panic and turn it(her) off.
Loki - God of Recreation

Renslayer manage to reach Wisconsin and challange Victor, however Sylvie appears in time to push Renslayer back to the Void through a portal, after which she lets Loki to take Victor/Kang back to TVA.

Loki Series Season 2 Episode 4 "The Heart of TVA"

Loki - God of Recreation
At the Void, Miss Minutes reveals that in the past, Renslayer commanded He Who Remains' army and was promised to become TVA leader alongside him; however Kang then asked Miss Minutes to erase the memories of Renslayer and other TVA employees. This makes Renslayer angry, deciding to cooperate with Miss Minutes to get rid of Victor/Kang and take control at TVA.
Loki - God of Recreation
O.B. and Victor begin building the Throughput Multiplier for the Temporal Loom. Meanwhile, Renslayer and Miss Minutes approach Wolfe, General Dox, and other imprisoned TVA Hunters and ask them to join their side. 
Loki - God of Recreation
Only Wolfe agrees and then survives, the rest refuse and are all killed by Miss Minutes who start the pressing device on them.

Wolfe prunes Hunter D-90 and kidnaps Victor. Miss Minutes controls the entire system at TVA.

Following Loki and Sylvie's order, O.B. reboot TVA system, leaving Miss Minutes disabled and TVA's magic suppressors ineffective. This allows Sylvie to enchant Wolfe, controlling him to prune Renslayer.

Victor is rescued and his head is scanned to restore access to the Temporal Loom.

Victor volunteers to be the one to go into space to attach the Throughput Multiplier, but the sudden increase in temporal radiation spaghettify him.

The Temporal Loom explodes, with the blast wave spreading towards Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, B-15, Casey and Ouroboros in the TVA.

Loki Series Season 2 Episode 5 – Science and Fiction

Loki - God of Recreation
Loki survives the explosion, but everyone else disappeared and the TVA office gradually spaghettify along with everything in it, after Loki was able to retrieve a TVA manual.
Loki - God of RecreationLoki - God of Recreation
Unconsciously, Loki skips into different branched timelines, where he in turn meet variant of Mobius (a father of two sons who owns a toy store), the Hunter B-15 (who is a medical doctor), Casey (who is an escaped prisoner, specializing in theft) and O.B. (a failed scientist and fiction writer).
Loki - God of Recreation
Only O.B. variant is close to TVA's O.B. the most and can imagine what Loki wants to explain. Based on the TVA Manual, O.B. helps build a TempPad, and also suggests that Loki gather all those presenting at the past explosion together so that their collective Temporal Aura can return them to the correct time and place before the explosion at TVA.

Loki succeeds in gathering the others to O.B.'s workshop, except for Sylvie - who is happy with life in her branched timeline. But in the end, when her branched timeline spaghettify also, she proactively seek out Loki.

However, when all five people are present, before they could do anything, they one by one starts to spaghettify along with O.B.'s workshop.

Panicking, Loki focuses on holding on to Sylvie and find himself skipping back to the time when Sylvie had just showed up.
Loki - God of Recreation
From that, Loki thinks he can control the time skipping by focusing on a specific individual. He focuses on O.B. and then immediately skips back to the time before the explosion at TVA. 

Now, Loki can rewrite the stories in the MultiVerse.