FILMELY 🦋: The Boys - Gen V Season 1: Suicide of the Golden Boys and the Secrets at Godolkin [Recap Episode 8/8 📺720]

Nov 3, 2023

The Boys - Gen V Season 1: Suicide of the Golden Boys and the Secrets at Godolkin [Recap Episode 8/8 📺720]

Gen V is an American superhero parody television series, developed by Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke, as a spin-off of Kripke's The Boys series and based on The Boys "We Gotta Go" comic book storyline.

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Gen V is set concurrently with the fourth season of The Boys, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video in September 2023. The series focuses on several mutants with superpowers, studying at Godolkin School, an educational facility that trains future superheroes for crimefighting, owned by Vought International. After the death of Golden Boy - the school's star, his friends embark on a journey to discover dark secrets at the school.

Origin of The Boys

The Boys comic book series was originally published by DC through its WildStorm sub-brand. However, the series only lasted six issues before being canceled by DC and The Boys moved to Dynamite. The Boys' characters are inspired by DC's Justice League and other Marvel superheroes, however they are either humorous or dark variations.

The Gen V series is set concurrently with the fourth season of The Boys, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 29, 2023.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 1 "God U"

Eight years ago, Marie's (Moreau Jaz Sinclair) ability to bloodbend (control her own blood into a weapon) manifested when she got her first period, during which time she accidentally killed her parents, causing tension in her relationship with her younger sister Annabeth.

In the present, Marie is accepted into Godolkin School, an educational facility that trains future superheroes. On her first day, Marie befriends roommate Emma Meyer and gets to know upperclassmen Andre Anderson, Luke Riordan, Jordan Li, and Cate Dunlap.

Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger) is the school's standout guy, handsome and has firepower, know as Golden Boy.

While attending a party, Marie saves a woman from bleeding to death after Andre (Chance Perdomo) accidentally injures her with his magnetic manipulation. Although the life-saving video became famous on social networks, Marie is to be still expelled from school by Professor Richard "Brink" Brinkerhoff (Clancy Brown) to protect the reputation of the upperclassmen.

She later returns to Brink's office to confront him, but discovers that he has been killed by Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger). Luke goes on a rampage when he tries to kill Marie but is stopped by Jordan (who can be gender-fluid) and Andre. As he is cooled down, Luke whispers something to Andre before flying into the sky and killing himself with his own firepower.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 2 "First Day"

Vought International covers up the secrets behind the deaths of Luke and Brink while Marie is credited with stopping Luke alone and on her own and becomes the first freshman to reach the top 10 rankings of Godolkin.

Emma (Lizze Broadway) befriends Justine, and shares the secrets behind Emma's ability to change her body size (vomiting to get smaller and eating a lot to grow bigger). Justine publicly reveals the information on the internet, leaving Emma embarrassed and angry.

Meanwhile, Andre and Cate (Luke's girlfriend, who has mind-controlling powers) launch an investigation into Luke's death and find a secret recording revealing that Luke's younger brother Sam is being held in a secret facility called "The Woods", run by Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) - the female principal of the University. Andre stops by to look for information in Brink's office.

Marie is invited for an interview to talk about how she turned against Luke. In her heart, she wants to publicize the fact that Jordan (London Thor) and Andre had the first hand in it, and what she actually did was running away. But in the end, Marie still follow the University's script and declares herself the only one.

Andre succeeds in locating Woods, but is nearly caught by campus security before Cate (Maddie Phillips) intervenes.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 3 "#ThinkBrink"

Three years ago, Luke, Andre and Cate visited Sam, who was furious to learn that their powers came from Area V and killed a security guard, before Luke stopped Sam and Cate hypnotized him.

Principal Shetty invites Marie to a fundraising gala held in Brink's honor.

The party is also attended by the mutants' parents, who are always looking for ways to help or force  their children advance quickly.

Andre meets Emma and convinces her to infiltrate The Wood to find Sam's whereabouts. Emma shrinks herself into a tiny human and successfully finds and talks to Sam, but security guards find out, put the facility on alert, and disable Sam while Emma finds a way to hide. She drops a tiny shoe on the way out.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 4 "The Whole Truth"

Sam (Asa Germann) recovers, slaughters the guards, and escapes with Emma. While hiding in an abandoned drive-thru, Sam suffers from delusions and declares his intention to kill Dr. Edison Cardosa, a psychologist who had tortured him for experiment and controlled his mind.

Emma returns to Godolkin to warn the others. Meanwhile, Marie tries to get psychic student Rufus (Alexander Calvert) who possesses telepathy, astral projection, and clairvoyance abilities, to help find Emma, but is hypnotized into unconsciousness by him and wakes up in his bedroom with him standing naked in front of here.

Jordan intervenes, Marie manipulates the blood in Rufus' penis, causing it to detonate.

At the same time, famous superhero Robert Vernon / Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) arrives at Godolkin to record an episode of the series The Whole Truth for his Vought+ channel, in which the theory is that a certain student intentionally set a trap for Luke to commit suicide in order to gain promotion.

Tek Night has a special talent in exploiting and manipulating the opponent's psychology, he is successful in getting Marie to reveal Jordan's role in stopping Luke.

When he learns that Sam had escaped from The Woods, Tek Knight intends to uncover the truth and threaten Shetty. However, the female principal uses videos recording Tek Knight's bizarre sexual acts to threaten him, forcing him to conclude the investigation was "clean".

Tek Knight has a hobby of having sex with anything that has a round hole.

Marie, Emma, Andre, Jordan and Cate eventually subdue the hysterical Sam, but Marie passes out again and wakes up to find herself in bed with Jordan.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 5 "Welcome to the Monster Club"

Marie and her friends wake up to find themselves at a party with no memory of how they got there. The group seems to have lost their short-term memory of what happened here.

While evading university security, Sam finds Emma and Marie but they do not recognize him.

Edison Cardosa (Marco Pigossi) meets with Shetty to discuss his creation of a virus to control Marie's powers.

Marie's group also discover that they had tracking devices attached to their blood vessels. Cate claims Rufus is responsible for their amnesia and leads Jordan, Andre and Marie to confront him.

Emma finds Sam, who reveals Cate as the culprit after learning she used her tactile mind control powers to make Luke forget Sam's existence.

Cate caused the group to lose their memories under Shetty's orders, and her motive was to keep her friends safe. However, it is unclear what happened before that.

When Andre almost kills Rufus in anger, Emma calls Marie to say the real culprit is Cate.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 6 ""Jumanji"

After restoring everyone's memories, Cate has a seizure and accidentally traps Marie, Jordan, and Andre in her mind. Cate's imaginary friend Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) warns them to escape before she falls into a vegetative state. After journeys that exposed each other's hidden dark secrets, they finally force Cate to wake up.

Sam arrives to confront Cate, but Emma stops him and reveals that Shetty used Sam to enhance Luke's powers and is experimenting on other young mutants.

Meanwhile, Cardosa test the virus on a girl being held captive at The Woods, causing her to weaken and slowly die. Shetty orders Cardosa to make the virus airborne and spreading.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 7

Shetty wants to kill all mutants as revenge because her entire family was killed in a plane crash caused by Homelander. Marie and Jordan accidentally discovers Shetty's plot to spread the virus.

Shetty asks Colonel Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) for help in spreading the virus globally to eliminate all mutants (this virus does not affect ordinary people), but Mallory refuses and secretly orders someone follows Shetty.

After Andre's father Polarity had a seizure, Andre went with him to the hospital. In the middle of a meeting at school, student protesters incite riots and stage the "Supes Lives Matter" movement. While evacuating, Neuman (Claudia Doumit) - a female politician meets Marie and discovers they share the same blood-bending power and childhood hobbies.

Cate kills Shetty after forcing her to reveal the truth behind The Woods involving founder Thomas Godolkin. Cardosa secretly meets with Neuman to give her a virus sample but is later killed by her to prevent his knowledge from spreading.

Gen V Season 1 Episode 8 “Guardians of Godolkin University"

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

While Ashley Barrett  (Colby Minifie) - CEO of Vought's International meets with Godolkin's trustees to arrange PR solving Golden Boy's suicide, Cate and Sam return to The Woods to free the remaining captives.

The released prisoners embark on a killing spree across campus, targeting every non-mutant.

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

Marie, Jordan and Emma try to stop the rampage, but are neutralized by Kate with her mind control powers. Sam begins to hallucinate his brother Luke, who tells him to stop killing, but Sam lets Cate hypnotize the feelings.

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon PrimeThe Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

Andre learns that his father's seizures were the result of brain damage caused by his powers, and his father declares that Andre will inherit the costume and name of Polarity. Andre returns to campus.

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

After Marie rescues Jordan from the prisoners and sees Cate approaching to mind control him, she uses her powers to explode Cate's arm, causing her to scream on the ground. At that moment Homelander (Antony Starr) - called by Ashley - lands on the scene. Homelander accuses Marie of "attacking her own kind" and fires a laser at her.

Marie, Jordan, Emma, and Andre wake up in a sealed hospital room in an unknown location, and a news broadcast identifies them as responsible for the deaths at Godolkin, and declares Sam and Cate to be the new guardians of Godolkin. Homelander smiles with satisfaction as he watches the broadcast.

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

Butcher (Karl Urban) appears at The Woods as if looking for something.

Gen V Season 2

Gen V is a very successful show of Amazon Prime, always in the top most watched series of 2023 in this platform. From mid-September 2023, when Gen V season 1 was airing, Amazon officially announced that it would renew season 2 of the series.

When does Gen V season 2 air?

Normally, Amazon will take about 1 year to deploy a season, in addition, The Boys season 4 will air in 2024; Therefore, it is likely that Gen V season 2 will air around mid-2025.

Content of Gen V season 2

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

Gen V is identified as a spin-off of The Boys, in which many of The Boys' characters such as Solider Boy, Homelander, Butcher were cameos in the series. Therefore, the content of Gen V season 2, in addition to relying on the final developments of season 1, must also depends on what would happen in The Boys season 4, which will air in 2024.

The Boys - Gen V - Amazon Prime

At the end of season 1, our young heroes are divided into two sides: Sam and Cate on one side and Jordan, Marie, Andre and Emma on the other (who are now Vought's prisoners). Will all the 6 reconcile? How will the imprisoned quartet escape? Will Sam and Cate be the ones to rescue their friends?


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