FILMELY 🦋: The 3 Nights of The Continental: Prequel of John Wick Movie Series [Recap Episodes 3/3 📺720]

Oct 12, 2023

The 3 Nights of The Continental: Prequel of John Wick Movie Series [Recap Episodes 3/3 📺720]

The Continental: From the World of John Wick series is a 2023 American television series developed by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, and Shawn Simmons. The 3-nighted show serves as a spin-off and prequel to the John Wick cinematic universe.

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The Continental tells the backstory of Winston Scott staging an attack on The Continental Hotel in New York to eliminate Cormac O'Connor and become its new owner. The film's setting is a fictional America in the 1970s, following the US withdrawal from Vietnam, which integrates real-world events, including the Winter of Discontent and the rise of economic power. of the American Mafia.

Like the John Wick movies, The Continental is full of violence, thriller, killing in an underground world of gangs and assassins.

The series premiered on September 22, 2023 on Peacock in the United States and on Amazon Prime Video internationally.

The Continental Season 1 Episode 1: Brothers in Arms

In the 1970s, during a New Year's party at The Continental Hotel in New York, Frankie Scott (Ben Robson) the Coin Press used by High Table to mint gold coins - the privileged "passports" that assassins who want to spend the night at The Continental must present.

The Continental's owner, Cormac O'Connor (Mel Gibson), is pressured by the Adjudicator of the High Table (Katie McGrath) to find back the Coin Press. In the past, Cormac raised orphaned Scott brothers Frankie and Winston to become criminals, in a cruel and abusive manner.

Cormac kidnaps Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) from London to New York to interrogate him about the whereabouts of Frankie, whom Winston has not contacted for many years since he left the US for the UK. Cormac releases Winston but sends spies to monitor him.

A longtime friend of Winston's family, Uncle Charlie (Peter Green), helps to connect him with the Burton sister and brother Lou (Jessica Allain) and Miles (Hubert Point-Du Jour), who are running a gun business and owner of a karate dojo left by their late father Hieronymus Burton. Miles is Frankie's former Vietnam War teammate.

Miles leads Winston to Alphabet City, where Winston finds Frankie and his Vietnamese wife Yen (Nhung Kate) living in an abandoned movie theater. However, Cormac's assassins follow and attack them.

The trio return to Charlie, but one of Charlie's associates betray them for Cormac. They are chased to the roof of the building where Frankie has arranged for a helicopter to escape. When Yen and the pilot are injured, Frankie sacrifices himself so his brother and wife can escape. He is shot dead by two mute twin assassins Hansel (Mark Musashi) and Gretel (Marina Mazepa) and the case supposed to contain the Coin Press is taken away.

The assassin twins bring back the case to Cormac, but when it is unlocked, there is only a statue of a monkey with a fucking finger.

The Continental Season 1 Episode 2: “Loyalty to the Master"

Vowing revenge on Cormac for Frankie's death, Winston assembles a team and uses some leverage to win over the insiders; Miles play a major role in recruiting talented fighters of various skills. 

Yen is horrified to learn that Frankie had been cremated when she wakes up. Yen blames Winston for Frankie's death, but still helps him get revenge on Cormac.

Lou's dojo is located in Chinatown, and becomes the target of a purge by the new Chinese Mafia boss who wants to take it over.

Cormac sends the killer twins to Charlie's trailer to search for the Coin Press, but to no avail. Wilson becomes the target of Cormac's hunt.

A hidden female detective named KD (Mishel Prada) is also trying for all means to look for Wilson's whereabouts but it is unclear what her motive is.

Sometimes Wilson recalls a childhood memory: Cormac cheated him and his brother into throwing gasoline bombs at a family, causing the residents inside to burn to death.

Charon (Ayomide Adegun) is a trusted assistant of Cormac, always devoted to his work in the hope that Cormac will fulfill his promise to bring Charon's father from Nigeria to America.

Thomas, the hotel's cellist, is Charon's close friend. He is accepted into a music conservatory in Ireland and askes Charon to go with him. Charon insists on staying. Thomas accidentally reveals this plan to Cormac and is brutally killed because Cormac thinks Thomas had betrayed and stolen from him.

Wilson tries to approach Charon to get him on his side by revealing Cormac's nature which Charon recognizes after witnessing Thomas' death. Wilson begins planning his team's attack on The Continental.

The Continental Season 1 Episode 3 “The Theater of Pain"

Thomas helps the murderous twins find Wilson's whereabouts at the Rhodes Hotel. Wilson is captured by the twins; KD also shows up here to look for Wilson but is shot and wounded.

When being unable to extract from Wilson the location of the Coin Press, Cormac plans to push Wilson from the high-rise balcony of The Continental to the ground, at which point Wilson's sniper assassin takes action and the attack on The Continental begins.

Charon is revealed to have been secretly working for Wilson; however his hesitation in killing Cormac leads to his escape and the activation of an alarm in the hotel, causing the assassins staying there to begin spreading out to fight off Wilson's team's attack.

KD entered the hotel before the attack and manages to find and controls Wilson. She reveals that she was the only girl who survived after her family was firebombed by the Wilson brothers in the past.

Team Wilson's toughest opponents are the killer twins. Lou and Miles battle Hansel inside the hotel; and Yen duels with Gretel outside.

When feeling completely defeated, Cormac decides to activate the hotel's self-destruct mode and escape. To disable the self-destruct mode, Cormac's fingerprints are needed; Wilson chases Cormac until the last minute. KD appears and shoots Cormac dead right after when he admits that in the past he had cheated the Wilson brothers to throw gasoline bombs at KD's house.

The Adjudicator of the High Table comes to Wilson to ask him to submit to this organization, but he shoots her dead.

Before that, Wilson recalled the story of  he and his brother often sleeping in an old car trunk when their mother worked late at night. For them, that car trunk is like the safest place in their lives. Wilson found the old car, it was still there; and inside the trunk was the Coin Press Frankie had hidden.

Wilson assigned the Coin Press to Mazie (Zainab Jah) - the queen of the underworld at Bowery, Manhattan to make powerful coins to help her people infiltrate The Continental to support the attack.


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