FILMELY : The Outpost 2020 - Brave American Soilders in the fight against Taliban

Aug 2, 2020

The Outpost 2020 - Brave American Soilders in the fight against Taliban

In 2006, the US Army set up a number of outposts in northern Afghanistan to support the local government against the rebels: rallying for the support from local residents and preventing the movement of arms and the recruitment of Taliban troops from local villagers. One of them is the Keating Outpost near Kamdesh Town, built in a remote valley surrounded by high mountains.

The film begins with the daily scenes of American soldiers at the outpost camp, sometimes they are suddenly attacked by unidentified fighters from the surrounding mountains. The original attackers are believed to be local youths who were bribed by the Taliban to do so.

The outpost commander used many ways to persuade the local villagers to live in harmony through the donations, gifts, money, projects of bridges and roads, schools ...

After initial progress, including optimistic pledges from local elders and the disarmament of local youths, the situation seems to worsen when the outpost commander himself was assassinated and the sudden attacks get more often and more intensified with increasingly advanced weapons.

The climax of the film is a preemptive attack of about 300 Taliban soldiers, while the outpost is completely unprepared, isolated, lacking ammunition and resources are very far away. 8 American died and 27 are injured. If 廕ξrforce reinforcements didn't arrive in time, hardly anyone could survive.

The battle against the Taliban at the Keating Outpost portrays many examples of courage, bravery, creativity and self-denial for comrades. Later, many of them received the noble medals (star, cross) of the US military  for their honor service. 

On the other hand, many leaders in line relating to the Outpost were disciplined for failing to ensure the necessary defenses for the outpost and delay in aids to save soilders life. The US military has also changed its strategy: closing indefensible outposts in remote areas and focusing on densely populated ones.