FILMELY 🦋: Series the Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon Season 1: the Little Saint and the New Hope in France [Recap Episodes 6/6 📺720]

Oct 31, 2023

Series the Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon Season 1: the Little Saint and the New Hope in France [Recap Episodes 6/6 📺720]

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is the fifth spin-off in AMC's The Walking Dead series, following the events of The Walking Dead Season 11, focusing on the character of the same name on a strange journey in France.

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The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 1 "L'âme Perdue"

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) washes ashore in France and tries to find way returning to America. Near Marseille, Daryl meets Maribelle and her grandfather Guillaume. Henri and Michel, soldiers from a paramilitary group called Pouvoir du Vivant (Power of Life), attack them. Daryl helps Maribelle and his nephew take down their attackers, but the trio then knock Daryl unconscious, steal his belongings, and flee.
The trio are captured by Codron (Romain Levi) moments later, Michel's brother, who killed Guillaume and sought revenge on Daryl for thinking he killed Michel.
Isabelle (Clémence Poésy), a nun of the Union de L'Espoir (Union of Hope), finds Daryl and brings him to her convent for treatment. She introduces Daryl to Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi), a boy the Union believes is the savior destined to revive humanity; she believes that Daryl is the one chosen to deliver Laurent to the Union's Army in Paris. He rejects the idea and leaves.

Codron's men attack the convent, killing most of the nuns, but Daryl returns and helps fight off the attackers. Daryl agrees to help Laurent's problem on the condition that Isabelle leads him to Le Havre to find a way back to America.
It is revealed that a Pouvoir ship carrying meta-zombie test subjects brought Daryl from America to France, but he caused a riot, destroyed their research, and escaped. Genet (Anne Charrier), the leader of Pouvoir, orders a search for Daryl.

The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 2 Alouette

Flashback to the past, during the first outbreak of the pandemic, Isabelle, addicted to drugs and being a thief, escaped from Paris with her boyfriend Quinn (Adam Nagaitis) and her pregnant sister Lily. Quinn wants to abandon the fragile Lily, so Isabelle tried to trick Quinn into letting the two sisters escape in Quinn's car.

Lily was bitten by a zombie on the road. Two sisters went to a convent. Here, Lily died and turned into a zombie, but the monks performed surgery to welcome Laurent into the world.

Daryl's group leaves for Paris. Codron returns to the convent, where he finds Daryl's recorded message, a photo of Laurent, and a map of the group's route to Paris.

The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 3 “Paris Sera Toujours Paris"

After a short stop in Angers where Daryl meet an orchestra of zombies led by a mad musician, Daryl's group finally reach Paris, where they encounter a rooftop community led by a man named Fallou (Eriq Ebouaney).

With their help, Daryl searches for information about a ship that can take him back to America, leading the group to the Demimonde nightclub where Isabelle  reunites with Quinn. Quinn reveals that he is Laurent's father and asks Isabelle and Laurent to stay in exchange for help for Daryl.

Daryl refuses the deal and prepares to leave on his own after an argument with Isabelle, which is overheard by Laurent who feels upset and runs away. Codron went to Genet to ask to be commander of the operation searching Daryl and is accepted; Meanwhile, Genet continues her “meta-zombie” experiments.

Pouvoir fighters, commanded by Codron, attacks Fallou's community. Daryl falls from the roof after a brutal battle with Codron.

The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 4 "La Dame de Fer"

Genet begins a search for Laurent, seeking to eliminate the boy, since she believes that Laurent is a symbol of hope for everyone and a threat to her power. As part of this, Genet makes a deal with Quinn, who is searching for Laurent to win back Isabelle's love.

Surviving Codron's pursuit, Daryl reunites with Isabelle and tries to find Laurent's whereabouts, leading to the ruins of the Eiffel Tower. Here, Laurent is kidnapped by Quinn's men and taken to Demimonde bar.

Daryl sneaks into the nightclub and rescues Laurent while Fallou's group attacks the front of the nightclub, causing Emile to be injured.

Because of her love for Emile, Sylvie (Laïka Blanc-Francard) decides to stay in Paris with him while Isabelle decides the same to ask for Quinn's help. Isabelle relies on Daryl to take Laurent outside the city when Genet order to blockade it.

Daryl and Laurent leave Paris on a boat headed for the Nest, the Union's main base.

The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 5 "Deux Amours"

On the journey to the Nest, Daryl recalls the events that led to him being washed up on the French coast. At that time, on the way back to Carol the community, Daryl worked for a group of people in exchange for gasoline, his mission was to catch strong and healthy zombies for them. In the end, they forced him to board a ship to France with compartments containing zombies, and he was one of the a living food reserve for the zombies.
In the present time, Daryl and Laurent's guide is killed by zombies, forcing them to continue the journey alone. However, Laurent secretly cut the boat's rope, making it impossible for them to continue. Laurent's purpose is to return to Paris for his Aunt Isabelle.

Genet's soldiers finally capture Daryl and Laurent. Genet changes her goal on Laurent: from eliminating him, to turning the boy into a tool to serve her political goals.
Genet invites Quinn, attended by Isabelle, to a large gathering, the main purpose of which is to arrest him for concealing information about Laurent. Previously, Anna (Lukerya Ilyashenko), Quinn's singer at the bar and current girlfriend, was angry because of Quinn's love for Isabelle so she revealed his secrets to Genet.
At the big gathering, Genet gives an eloquent political speech, after which Daryl is put in a cage against a drugged meta zombie opponent.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 6 "Deux Amours"

Daryl takes down a few meta zombies, then Quinn is brought into the arena, chained with Daryl. The two have o fight many zombies at the same time, most of whom were American soldiers.

Genet orders Daryl to be shot dead, but Fallou intervenes just in time, helping the group escape. Quinn is bitten by a zombie and decides to sacrifice himself to buy time for Daryl.

A situation later forces Laurent to kill Quinn - now a zombie.
Daryl and the others continue their journey to Mont-Saint-Michel, but are attacked by Genet's men led by Codron. Unable to kill a child like Laurent, Codron shoots the other guerrillas, and vows to take revenge on Daryl later. Upon his return, Codron tries to lie about the failed mission but Genet is suspicious of his betrayal and tortures him for information.
Daryl's group finally reaches the Nest. Daryl becomes conflicted between staying in France or returning to America when Laurent, Isabelle, and the Alliance of Hope Leader Losang all try to convince him to stay.
Losang arranges a trip for Daryl to Newfoundland. On the way to Omaha Beach, he goes to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial and found the grave of his grandfather, William T. Dixon, who fought and died in France during World War II.

Daryl prepares to board the boat, but hesitates when he sees Laurent secretly following him and some walking deads zombie approaching the boy.
In America, near Freeport, Maine, Carol searches for clues about Daryl from his motorbike now ridden by an unknown man.