Apr 5, 2020

The Walking Dead Season 10 | Episode 03 | Ghosts | Subtitles

In episode "Ghosts", bad memories are haunting the lives of many characters like Carol, Siddiq ... Meanwhile, Alpha seems to try a plot in order to sabotage and ruin the living area of the survivors. At the most intensive moment, Michonne and her people must face-to-face meet with Alpha, which ends up in handing over portion to their territory to Alpha.


Also in this episode, Eugene expresses his love for Rosita to finally find himself in misery and deadlock. After returning from the ship, Carol is constantly sleepless and resorts to some drug to avoid the nightmares about her son's death. She looks so totally broken. 

Negan, after being detained for a long time, has the opportunity to join the fight against walkers, and makes an impressive performance. The episode also spends a lot of time on the story between Siddiq and Dr. Dante who seems to be a mysterious figure.